Having a little product curiosity….

I met a young lady yesterday, and she had the most GORGEOUS blue/black hair. I told her of my attempts to get my hair blue black and that the indigo just made my hair black. She suggested this Aveda Black Malva conditioner that would naturally darken my hair and diminish red undertones from the henna. I got to thinking ‘I wonder what would happen if I mixed this conditioner with my hendigo’? I’m strongly considering giving this stuff a shot. According to the ingredients, it’s natural, having black tea and malva (a flower) as the main ingredients….Have any of you ever tried this stuff? What do you guys think?

  • Nikki

    Ive not tired this but would like to know your experience if you try it. Im looking to darken my hair (i have color) but kinda scared of the henna

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