Florida Woman Turns Mug Shots into Glamour Shots…

Now see, I was gonna give this post the “Wack Award,” but after the reading this article on Essence.com I just feel that it stands on its own when it comes to being placed in a category.  This has got to be the funniest story that I’ve read all week lol!  Check this out, this 22 yr. old hair stylist from Ocala Fl. is under a plea deal that forces her to spend each weekend behind bars.  This simply means that every Friday afternoon that she shows up to Lake County jail, she has to take a mug shot. But it gets better!  Every weekend that she checks in she has to take a new mug shot.  So what does Ms. Kaylin Ransom do?  She gets dolled up of course…for all 28 mug shots lol!!!!!  You guys have got to read the article in it’s entirety at http://www.essence.com/hair/hair_story/florida_woman_gets_glam_for_weekly_mug_s.php

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