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Operation Waist Snatching: 21 Day Fix Nearly Took My Life!

Hey Dolls! I can’t feel my legs. I can’t feel my arms or butt either. God of heaven, I’m falling apart and I’m only ONE DAY into this thing! What am I talking about? It’s a workout program that combines 30 minute, high impact, cardio workouts with responsible eating solutions, that promises to melt away [...] Read more…

Every TIME I put these on, I wanna run to the nearest frozen yogurt store....#restraint

Operation Waist Snatching Take Dos!

Hey Dolls!!!! Take a wild guess and tell me what you think kept me away yesterday. Yup. HER. lol! Anywho, I am back and on borrowed time, (she’s sleeping) so I’ll get right to it! I miss my body y’all. It’s crazy, 3/4 years ago, pre Bean, I thought I was so…LARGESE, but since having [...] Read more…

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