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Operation Waist Snatching: My Current Situation

Y’all thought I forgot about ya, huh? Nope!!!! NEVA! Lol! Bean and I had several errands to run today, and though I am committed to this Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting thing, in all honesty, I have yet to get the “time management” aspect of it all figured out. Sigh. At any rate, I wanted to [...] Read more…


Giving Your Skin A Little Extra T.L.C… From the Inside

Ever feel like you could be giving your skin a little extra love and care but the lotions, soaps and body scrubs just aren’t cutting it?!  Well what if that’s because the problem goes a little deeper than the epidermis?  I’m really into skin care  and I’ve come to find out via different blogs and [...] Read more…

She poured it into a sexy martini glass for a classy and chic presentation.

Nerissa Irving’s Ginger Lemonade

So lately I’ve been on this eat right, get right movement and have been eating more fruits and vegetables, less meat, and less processed food.  As a result, I’ve been feeling better and more confident about how I’m treating my body.  Now, considering the fact that everyone has a different body type and mine only loses [...] Read more…


On my Get Right, Eat Right Grind….

Hey Dolls!  Lately I’ve been on a mission.  Last month (or last year) during finals weeks I went through it!  I was super stressed and sleep deprived, as a result I started to eat anything and everything around the clock!  It was bad.  I was eating Twizzlers, Swedish fish, Doritoes, and Happy Meals at 3 [...] Read more…


Taneica Takes off Twenty Challenge: Walkin’ For the Babies!

This past week I did my first charitable walk for the March of Dimes! I like babies. They’re cute! Anyway, I have been walking regularly and was curious to see if I could actually walk the six miles required to finish the walk. I did it!!!! I am training for my next huge goal which [...] Read more…

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