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Operation Waist Snatching: My Current Situation

Y’all thought I forgot about ya, huh? Nope!!!! NEVA! Lol! Bean and I had several errands to run today, and though I am committed to this Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting thing, in all honesty, I have yet to get the “time management” aspect of it all figured out. Sigh. At any rate, I wanted to [...] Read more…

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Operation Waist Snatching: 172

I’ve been trying to hold this off, hoping that I would have some super sexy Jessica Simpson reveal, but alas….Here’s what I’ve got for y’all. Squint real hard folks. I’d dust it off, but I was too discouraged to bother. It’s 172, the weight I started off with over a month ago. The inches I’ve [...] Read more…


Operation Waist Snatching: The Struggle

It was been a very, VERY difficult past several days. Twyla has been running fevers, and I’ve been running her to and from the doctor, freaking out like I assume any first time mother would.  She got pink eye, and through out treatment of the pink eye, she’s continually rubbing her eye on the sly, [...] Read more…


Operation Waist Snatching: Round Two

Hey dolls, hey! It has been a trying 3 weeks to today, but I did it! Short of my pizza indiscretion  earlier in my weight loss/healthy living journey, I have managed to not completely demolish my daily fitness goals. Within this first 21 days, I can honestly say that I feel healthier. Especially since I am [...] Read more…


Operation Waist Snatching: Abs Are Made In The Kitchen?

Ever heard the term, “abs are made in the kitchen”? Yea, me too, so I’ve been trying to eat leaner and cleaner….give or take a handful of candies here and there. So far, so good! I’m down another pound, and another inch off of my bust and half off of my thighs. Progress being made! [...] Read more…

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Operation Waist Snatching: The Quest of the Size 8 Dress

Hey Dolls! Sorry I was gone for the latter part of last week. I am currently without reliable computer, and have to snag a moment with one whenever humanly possible. Sigh. What a pain in the hind parts! Regardless of all of that, I made a commitment to keep you all abreast of my weight [...] Read more…


Operation Waist Snatching: 21 Day Fix Nearly Took My Life!

Hey Dolls! I can’t feel my legs. I can’t feel my arms or butt either. God of heaven, I’m falling apart and I’m only ONE DAY into this thing! What am I talking about? It’s a workout program that combines 30 minute, high impact, cardio workouts with responsible eating solutions, that promises to melt away [...] Read more…

Every TIME I put these on, I wanna run to the nearest frozen yogurt store....#restraint

Operation Waist Snatching Take Dos!

Hey Dolls!!!! Take a wild guess and tell me what you think kept me away yesterday. Yup. HER. lol! Anywho, I am back and on borrowed time, (she’s sleeping) so I’ll get right to it! I miss my body y’all. It’s crazy, 3/4 years ago, pre Bean, I thought I was so…LARGESE, but since having [...] Read more…


Taneica Takes off Twenty Challenge: Walkin’ For the Babies!

This past week I did my first charitable walk for the March of Dimes! I like babies. They’re cute! Anyway, I have been walking regularly and was curious to see if I could actually walk the six miles required to finish the walk. I did it!!!! I am training for my next huge goal which [...] Read more…

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