Vintage Natural: Janelle Monae

Before the “Tightrope” songstress remade the classic feminine tux and rocked her signature pompadour, she was making appearances in Outkast videos like “Morris Brown.”  Here still was still so funky and ahead of it’s time even then, and her fro…EVERYTHING!!!   Read more…

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Protective Styling: Senegalese Twists

Hey Dolls!  It’s feels like forever since I’ve posted and even longer since I did a post on my recent hair situation.  My apologies first and foremost.  Ever since we came back from Jamaica I’ve been so busy with school (It’s finals/hell week) I have no social life WHATSOEVER.  Not to mention I look like [...] Read more…


Here’s What I’ve Been Up To…..

I’ve been scarce. I know. I can explain though….I’ve been doing on air stuff ! That’s right, you’re looking at the new “fashion and beauty expert for our local news station here in Decatur Illinois! As awesome as this is, it’s in addition to my already demanding 2AM-10AM editing gig. Not complaining, just sayin that [...] Read more…


Manic Monday: Thank You by Smokie Norful

With Thanksgiving tugging at our pant legs, I’m finding myself reflecting on these past few years. Since Sherica and I started this blog in 2010, God has blessed us to meet cool new people, we’ve gotten to work with each other and have a hell of a time doing it. We’ve also had fantastic things [...] Read more…


Vintage Natural: Spike Lee

I bet we all recognize this week’s Vintage Natural (being that he hasn’t changed one bit).  If the blatant title alone didn’t  give it away, it’s legendary African American director Spike Lee during his high school days.  This fro’d out teenager would later grow up to grace us with Black cinema classics such as “Jungle [...] Read more…


Vintage Natural: Guess Who?

If you guessed “Set Off” superstar Jada Pinkett Smith, you were right!  This pig-tailed cutie pictured below grew up to be a feisty, petite widely known actress who graced us with movies such as Jason’s Lyric, Menace to Society, and Set it Off.  She may slightly taller now then she was when this picture was [...] Read more…

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