Check Out My Spring Lookbook!

So, as you all may know, I work at a local news station as an editor and fashion and beauty blogger! What you may not know, is that every season, I upload a Lookbook, showing off what’s on trend for each season. Welp, here’s this season’s Lookbook! Be sure to like my This Week In [...]

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It’s time for a product review!

  Why hello there Dolls!  It seems to me like it’s time for another product review.  Now I know, it’s been a while, please forgive me.  Ya’ll know that whenever you don’t hear from me it almost always school so I apology for being MIA for a while.  Lately I’ve been wanting to do a [...]


Fashion Obsession Friday: SJP Shoe Line

She done went and did it….fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker launched her own show line! I will say, that though I’m thrilled that she’s finally stepped out and did this, I’m still waiting for a “wow” shoe from her collection. There are some that are uber cute, but…meh. Also, the price gets major side eye [...]


Because You Were Beautiful: Domineque Banks and Karyn Washington

Usually, I do a Manic Monday post with a song today. I honestly don’t feel up to it today though. Sadly, last week, the world lost 2 beautiful, young women. Blogger Karyn Washington and Youtube vlogger Domineque Banks both passed away. I’m devistated and at a loss. Today, there’s no music, just a post for [...]

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