Every TIME I put these on, I wanna run to the nearest frozen yogurt store....#restraint

Operation Waist Snatching Take Dos!

Hey Dolls!!!! Take a wild guess and tell me what you think kept me away yesterday. Yup. HER. lol! Anywho, I am back and on borrowed time, (she’s sleeping) so I’ll get right to it! I miss my body y’all. It’s crazy, 3/4 years ago, pre Bean, I thought I was so…LARGESE, but since having [...] Read more…


Manic Monday: Dontcha by The Internet

I blame my good friend and former Doll On Display Nicole, for my merciless replay of this song since LAST TUESDAY. Y’all….sigh…I love the HELL outta this song! Syd tha Kyd has a beautiful voice and that bass guitar gets me every time I hit play. Go ahead and play at your own risk. You’re [...] Read more…


Manic Monday: Brain by Banks

Heard this song in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZj3Fs6wWBI. Say what you want, pole dancing is an impressive talent and Ms. Soren High is a perfect ecample of that. Anyway, I absolutely love the song.Banks seems like a fairly new artist, but she’s definately someone to give a good listen too. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment [...] Read more…

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Raise a Glass for the College Grads

Of course the title to this post would have to be a Queen Bey lyrical reference…of course.  I am beyond ecstatic to announce that I am officially a college graduate!  That’s right,  two weeks ago I graduated from USF with my BS in Health Sciences with my family and close friends by my side.  To [...] Read more…

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