I remember bringing him home. It was December of 2008. I told Jeff that I wanted a puppy for Christmas. He reluctantly agreed and took me to Lakeland SPCA to pick out a puppy. I knew for sure that I wanted a black Labrador, but was realistic in knowing that they may not just have a [...]


Shatterproof Glass Dolls Re-Vamp In 2014!!!

Hello Dolls!!!! It’s been like TWO WEEKS since I’ve dropped a line, maybe longer! It’s 11:46 and I’m sitting here at work doing the shift before mine because I was afraid I’d get snowed in. Thank GOD that didn’t happen. Anyway, I wanted to drop in and fill you guys in on what’s been going on on [...]


Happy New Year!!!

  Happy New Year Dolls!!!  Now that we’ve ushered in a new year, it’s time for fresh beginnings and clean slates.  I personally don’t believe in New Year resolutions but I know that many of you do.  So for all who are into resolutions, the best of luck to ya!  However even though New Year [...]

tatyana Ali

Vintage Natural: Tatyana Ali

Does anyone recognize this little cutie?  Well if you guessed Tatyana Ali you’re right!  Most of us remember Tatyana from her role Ashley Banks in 90′s classic The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in which she played Will Smith’s super cute and preppy cousin. I remember thinking for years that she was Muhammad Ali’s kid… [...]

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