Last Time by Trey Songz

Now, let me just say this, I am not much of a Trey Songz fan, but I will admit, some of his first songs we’re super sexy. Have a grown and sexy Monday night with your boo, (heeeey) and turn this up!


Taneica Fashionista: Little White Dress

Howdy Dolls! I’m just dropping in with an outfit of the Day for ya folks! If you wannd see more of me, you can visit my news station blog at I upload my segment every Thursday, along with pictures of my outfits! I am also working on another project that I can’t wait to share [...]


Manic Monday: Grown Woman by Beyonce

Happy Monday Dolls! Don’t lie, something about this song reminds you how fabulous it is to be out of your mama’s house…lol! Get yo life honey!!!


Product Review #2: Pantene Co-wash

Hey Dolls!  Man what a week it has been for me!  I had two exams yesterday, I have one today, one on Sunday and two more on Tuesday *takes breath*.  GOOD LORD!  I am literally exhausted from all the studying I’ve been doing.  This evening when I came home from my exam, I didn’t want [...]

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