Because You Were Beautiful: Domineque Banks and Karyn Washington

Usually, I do a Manic Monday post with a song today. I honestly don’t feel up to it today though. Sadly, last week, the world lost 2 beautiful, young women. Blogger Karyn Washington and Youtube vlogger Domineque Banks both passed away. I’m devistated and at a loss. Today, there’s no music, just a post for [...]


Vintage Natural: Christopher “Kid” Reid

Now over here we don’t discriminate when it comes to the sexes.  Nobody said that Vintage Naturals were subjected to beautiful, oldschool female naturals alone.  If many of you may recall, the 90′s was the year for all things GREAT and that’s including hair.  Of course there were a few exceptions such as the Jerry [...]

7 mo2

Sh!t They Don’t Tell You: Revenge of the Table Food Monster

So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these baby update posts….forgive me. Twyla is running me RAGGED y’all. lol! My Bean is 9 months old and is as sassy as she wants to be! She crawls, she claps, she pulls herself up, and most recently, she’s discovered….table food. Now, let [...]

susan cadogan 2

Vintage Natural: Susan Cadogan

Oh how sweet it is.  This week we have yet another  throwback natural for you Dolls to admire.  This week’s Vintage Natural is the beautiful and talented Susan Cadogan.  Susan Cadogan who was born in Kingston, Jamaica on November 2, 1951, is a reggae singer who is best known for her 1970′s hits “Hurts so [...]

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