Throwback Jam: Whitney Houston ” He Fills Me Up”

My favorite Whitney song….


What the hell?!?!: Nigerian-Cameroonian Musician Releases “Whitenicious” Skin Lighting Cream

What the hell is this world coming to?!?!  Today while scrolling through my Instagram tonight, I came across this post about a Nigerian pop musician who recently drove the social media wild when she released her new skin lightening cream called “Whitenicious.”  Upon it’s release, the product has SOLD OUT!!!!  This is incredibly detrimental considering [...]


Drunk In Love by Beyonce featuring JayZ

Have a fabulous week dolls!

aaliyah tribute

Throwback Jam: Aaliyah ” More Than A Woman”

Today would’ve been Aaliyah’s 35th birthday. Rest in Peace Baby girl, We miss you.

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