Alyssa’s three strand twist out

  So as many of you may already know I’ve been searching for the perfect twist out method for what feels like my whole life (all 26 years of it), and every time I’ve found anything remotely close to perfection it’s been produced by this gal here.  I tried her last method which was the [...]


Manic Monday: Treasure by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars “KILT IT” last night at the Super Bowl! Hell, he was the best part of the entire thing!!! In honor of him getting funky and down right STANK last night, we’re swaying to Treasure tonight. Have a fabulous week dolls!


Vintage Natural: Pat Cleveland

This week’s Vintage Natural is none other than 1960′s supermodel Pat Cleveland.  Pat Cleveland was one of the first pioneering black models to breakthrough out of the conventional standards of beauty in the 1960′s and 70′s  fashion world.  Born on June 23, 1952, Pat was already born into creative artistry with a saxophonist father and [...]

photo (10)

Afro Insecurities

Okay so here’s the deal.  For a couple of years now I’ve  had this thing called afro insecuries.  This simply means that for years now I’ve been anything but thrilled about the shape and resiliency of my full fro which is why I never leave it completely out and instead rock Afro puffs most of [...]

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