Hair retention. What works for you?!

Hey dolls! So this weekend after I co-washed my blow dried tresses, I came to the realization that my current hair care methods have really been benefitting me in the hair growth department. Curious as to what hair care method I speak of? Well lately I’ve been taking full advantage of the co wash epidemic [...]


Vintage Natural: Maya Angelou

We can’t pride ourselves on being a natural hair blog that empowers women to be their best, brightest, and most beautiful selves and not pay our respects to Ms. Maya Angelou. She left an indelible imprint on the world and I’m blessed to have been part of a generation who got to witness some of [...]


Manic Monday: Psalms 8 by Richard Smallwood

Hey dolls HEY! It’s been a bit, I know….sigh….last week Sherica and I needed to just be. Sherica because she didn’t have access to a computer, is getting ready for graduation AND is boo’d up , me because I have access to too many computers, and not enough time to get things done. As we [...]


My “top knot” bun

So if you noticed I put quotation marks around the words top knot because my version isn’t exactly like the original, however mine is still pretty freakin cool.  Check it out.   To achieve this style I started on blow dried hair though stretched hair should also work just fine.  I also used Cantu hair [...]

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