Taneica Fashionista: Wrapped In Blue

Forgive the lack of posts. Sherica is still without a loptop, and boo’d up and I AM EXHAUSTED. I slept for 12 hours yesterday. I’m dog tired. Anyway, here’s my outfit of the day! Head on over to WANDTV.COM to check out my news blog and stories! Dress and Jewelry from The Limited

hair today

My Hair Lately

Hey dolls! I know it’s been a while, I know, I know….BUT we here at SPGD promised you a comeback, and DAMNIT, a comeback is what you’re gonna get….starting with what we started this blog out with: HAIR! So, I’ll be completely honest with ya: the past several months have been filled with 4 hour [...]


Manic Monday: That Somebody Was You by Toni Braxton AAAAAAND Bean’s Birthday!

Has it been an entire week since my last post?!? It has…*hangs head in shame* Real talk, I am so sorry y’all. I can explain though. It was Bean’s birthday!!! That’s right folks, Bean is an entire 365 days older! Jeff and I couldn’t be happier and more blessed as parents . We’re kinda proud [...]


Manic Monday: Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners

I had a fellow co-worker pick out the Manic Monday song of the day, and this was the song that came to his mind! Shout out to Eric! lol! I’m really excited about this weeks content! It’s been a while since I’ve showed you whats going on with my “hurr”…I’m doing it THIS week! Stay [...]

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