Product Review: Goody TangleFix Hand-Held Brush

Well look who it is.  If it is Sherica rising from the depths of her hot and budding romance with her significant other.  Since Taneica wanted to put me and my business on blast in her last post I figured why not play up on it myself lol.  But on a serious note I’ve gotta [...]

goody detangler
Me and Bean on the scene!

Bean and Me learn how to swim!

So….I can’t swim. LOL! I wish I learned earlier, but nobody ever taught me.I decided the break that cycle and take Bean to swimming lessons! I documented our adventures for the news and would love to share them with ya’ll! Wanna see em? Here they go!


Taneica Fashionista: Wrapped In Blue

Forgive the lack of posts. Sherica is still without a loptop, and boo’d up and I AM EXHAUSTED. I slept for 12 hours yesterday. I’m dog tired. Anyway, here’s my outfit of the day! Head on over to WANDTV.COM to check out my news blog and stories! Dress and Jewelry from The Limited

hair today

My Hair Lately

Hey dolls! I know it’s been a while, I know, I know….BUT we here at SPGD promised you a comeback, and DAMNIT, a comeback is what you’re gonna get….starting with what we started this blog out with: HAIR! So, I’ll be completely honest with ya: the past several months have been filled with 4 hour [...]

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