When Bad Hair Happens to Good People

So…THIS happened on Monday night. Last month, I rocked mini twists. They were in for 4 weeks, easily. It took me about 2 weeks to put them in! With work and taking care of  Bean, there is no time to sit in my head for hours on end like there was pre-baby. Le-sigh. Anyway, I [...]


Taneica Fashionista: Blue Bombshell

I’m still ironing out some kinks here with this doing most of the blogging by myself deal. As you can see, I’m failing miserably. Check back or a post on our favorite Bean a lil later. lol! Here’s my look of the day!   Dress, Jewelry, and necklace: The Limited  

goody detangler

Product Review: Goody TangleFix Hand-Held Brush

Well look who it is.  If it is Sherica rising from the depths of her hot and budding romance with her significant other.  Since Taneica wanted to put me and my business on blast in her last post I figured why not play up on it myself lol.  But on a serious note I’ve gotta [...]

Me and Bean on the scene today...lol!

Bean and Me learn how to swim!

So….I can’t swim. LOL! I wish I learned earlier, but nobody ever taught me.I decided the break that cycle and take Bean to swimming lessons! I documented our adventures for the news and would love to share them with ya’ll! Wanna see em? Here they go!

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