Another Knitting Nut Creation!

It took me two months. Count ‘em, two months to finish this damn haruni shawl, but omg, dolls….I love it. I am so proud of myself right now. Made from 75% Merino wool/25% Nylon Yarn, this shawl is very warm. You’d think that the holes from the lace pattern would make it airy, but my [...]


Out With the Twists, In With the Blow Out: Length Check and Hair Update!

Hi Dolls! I took out my twists and got my hair deep treated and blow dried. I blow dry my hair once a month and find that it helps with length checks as well as stretching out my hair for twist outs. When Ms. Beverly was blow-drying my hair, she said she noticed how thick [...]


Daring to Dream Big: What’s On YOUR Dream Sheet?

  Dreaming big is cool, but making your big dreams a reality is awesome! Over the years I’ve learned that life really is what you make it, and that anything is possible with the “Three P’s”. The three P’s are Persistence, Perseverance and Prayer. Big things can happen in your life when you pursue what [...]


Guess Who’s Doing a Curly Meet-Up at Blue Martini in Orlando?!?!?!

DOLLS!!! CURLY NIKKI IS COMING TO FLA!!!! Mizani is sponsoring a curly meet-up in Orlando at the Blue Martini and CN is going to be there in all of her curly glory! I don’t know about the rest of you Florida dolls, but I am friggin STOKED! I’ll be there, Sherica will be there, will [...]

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