What the Hell?!?!?!?/Wack Award

Dolls. *straight face* Dolls. You know that exposed, vulnerable, slightly violated feeling you may get when you’re getting your annual well woman check-up at the gyno? You know that co-pay you have to pay to get that “special attention” to your “special bits”? How would you feel if you knew that your gynecologist would not [...]

Swarovski Logo 1

You have the right to remain SPARKLY!

Dolls! I am sorry it took me so long to post today, but I have been staring at my skin and taking pictures since about 8 this morning. Don’t judge me. lol. As I type this, I am marveling over how sexy I smell right now and how sparkly my skin is! A family friend [...]


Eye Candy: Jason Mamoa



Wow and WTF of the Billboard Music Awards

Yup! It’s that time again . I stayed up long enough to watch Beyonce run the world for about 4 minutes. Before she performed, I took in some fashion eye candy and eye sores. Check out my faves! P.S. I don’t own the pictures, only the snarky remarks;-). Click the pics for the origin!

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