Matters of the Heart: Finding the Love That You Deserve

Let’s be real, dating sucks sometimes. Other times, it’s wonderful! Falling in love is intoxicating, exciting, and well….FUN! But with more ups and downs than the worlds largest roller coaster, finding “the one worth putting a ring on it” can be all but emotionally draining! I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt and the [...]


Shatterproof Christmas Day 7: More Miss Jessie’s

Her hair's getting a bit longer so I'm gonna have to step my game up and get more creative for her next style.

Another Braided Doo for Raven!

Hey Dolls!!!  Before the Thanksgiving break, I decided to help out my homie Raven out by giving her a protective style that she could go home with!  We spent hours trying to find something she liked on Youtube but had no such luck.  So I just free styled her hair into a asymmetrical faux hawk. [...]

I purchased this belt as well along with the black one.  They were both a dollar each!  What can I say, sometimes you've gotta be "fly on a budget!"

Out with New in with the Old….

Hey Dolls!!!  A couple of days ago I went on a “thrifting mission” to find a dope pair of high waisted jeans that I could turn into a cute pair of high waisted shorts.  For the first time in a while when it comes to shopping, I had some luck.  I was able to find [...]

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