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  • Every TIME I put these on, I wanna run to the nearest frozen yogurt store....#restraint
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What the Hell?!!!: Oklahoma Charter School Sends Girl Home On the Account That Her Locs Were ‘Unacceptable’

Excuse me?  You see, this is just one of the many problems that I have with society.  Somebody please tell me what the hell was this that came across my laptop screen this morning?  Now this isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this make headlines.  It was just a few months ago that [...] Read more…


Throwback Jam: Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!!!

To the man who gave us over 40 years of amazing music and killer talent paired with jaw dropping entertainment. The Dollhouse would like to give a heart felt happy birthday to the king of pop, Micheal Jackson! We hope you enjoy one of our favorite (or at least Taneica’s favorite) music videos of the king [...] Read more…

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Vintage Natural: Sherica

  Today’s Vintage Natural is, you guessed it… ME!!!!!! Here’s a throwback photo of me at age 7 with a forehead so big it probably had it’s own gravitational pull.  But who cares I was a cute kid and I was rocking the hell out of those two barrettes that my mom placed on either [...] Read more…

vma 2013

Wows and WTF of the 2013 VMAs

Beyond Miley’s twerking episode, there was a whole bunch of fashion fresh looks and f*&$ nos. LOL! Check out the styles that are burned in my memory this year. The photos are the property of MTV, but the snarky comments are MINE! What looks grabbed YOUR attention?         Read more…

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The Twerk Heard ‘Round The World….

….ROFL! Y’all…lol! Miley really did it this time, didn’t she? Here’s the thing, I don’t really see what the big deal is, dolls! In all honesty, it was kinda hard to watch, and I did cringe when Ms. Cyrus proceeded to rub her hind parts on a very married and significantly older Robin Thicke, but [...] Read more…

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Vintage Natural: Tracee Ellis Ross

Finally!  It’s about time we get our ish together and post our favorite Girlfriend  Tracee Ellis Ross as a Vintage Natural!  This morning while scoping my instagram first thing like the loner I am, I came across Tracee’s profile where she posted a tbt (Throwback Thursday) of herself during her modeling days circa 1993.  In the [...] Read more…

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