Manic Monday: Love Will Lead You Back by Taylor Dane

Happy Monday dolls!!!! Tonight’s Manic Monday tune was a break up favorite for me back in the day….rofl! Enjoy!!! Hey btw, am I the only one who swore for years that Taylor Dane was a brown lady? lol!  

taylor dane

Taneica Fashionista: Red, Stripes, and Blue

Hey Dolls! Taneica Fashionista posts are back! YAY! For more fashion directed posts AND videos, visit my blog at and follow me at! Stay gorgeous dolls! Dress, Necklace and Belt from The Limited Earrings from Talbots Special thanks to Andrew Rutherford for taking these awesome pictures!


Perm rod set on natural hair

So I’ve been looking into perm rod sets on natural hair. I believe I tried it once way back when but I’m thinking about trying it again for something new! This to me was one of the best perm rod sets on natural hair that Youtube had to offer in my opinion. Enjoy!


Manic Monday: If You Were Here Tonight by Alexander O’Neal

Ok, so…I know I’ve been rolling out the old school slow jams, but I CAN’T HELP IT! THEY’RE ALL SO GOOD!!! Remeber Alexander O’Neal and his “smoldering” gaze? LOL! Refresh your memory and enjoy the video….

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