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Protective styling, FINALLY!!!!

Look at God, won’t he do it?  Finally I can rest my hair and my hands for a couple of weeks while I continue to tackle work and school.  I love my curls I really do, but sometimes I just don’t wanna be bothered.  So my home girl Dorothy heard my cry ( I was [...] Read more…


Valentines day is upon us!!!!!

So as a natural hair blogger I guess I’m supposed to know all of the hottest hair doos for your special date this Friday huh? Girl please I’m probably gonna be rocking my signature afro puff with over-sized hoop earrings as always on mine. But alas if you’re not like me and you actually want [...] Read more…


Alyssa’s three strand twist out

  So as many of you may already know I’ve been searching for the perfect twist out method for what feels like my whole life (all 26 years of it), and every time I’ve found anything remotely close to perfection it’s been produced by this gal here.  I tried her last method which was the [...] Read more…

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Afro Insecurities

Okay so here’s the deal.  For a couple of years now I’ve  had this thing called afro insecuries.  This simply means that for years now I’ve been anything but thrilled about the shape and resiliency of my full fro which is why I never leave it completely out and instead rock Afro puffs most of [...] Read more…


What the hell?!?!: Nigerian-Cameroonian Musician Releases “Whitenicious” Skin Lighting Cream

What the hell is this world coming to?!?!  Today while scrolling through my Instagram tonight, I came across this post about a Nigerian pop musician who recently drove the social media wild when she released her new skin lightening cream called “Whitenicious.”  Upon it’s release, the product has SOLD OUT!!!!  This is incredibly detrimental considering [...] Read more…

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Vintage Natural: Mariah Carey

  As many of you may know, this golden haired cutie grew up to later grace us with power house hits like “Vision of Love” and “I Don’t Wanna Cry.”  I don’t know for sure if Mariah is natural now, but for a good portion of the 90′s she was rocking those curls full force! [...] Read more…



I remember bringing him home. It was December of 2008. I told Jeff that I wanted a puppy for Christmas. He reluctantly agreed and took me to Lakeland SPCA to pick out a puppy. I knew for sure that I wanted a black Labrador, but was realistic in knowing that they may not just have a [...] Read more…


Happy New Year!!!

  Happy New Year Dolls!!!  Now that we’ve ushered in a new year, it’s time for fresh beginnings and clean slates.  I personally don’t believe in New Year resolutions but I know that many of you do.  So for all who are into resolutions, the best of luck to ya!  However even though New Year [...] Read more…

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