What’s your favorite deep conditioning agent?

Hey Dolls!  Even though winter is already here, for some of us in the South (preferably Florida) we’re still waiting.  So has anyone started looking into a good deep conditioner to sustain your hair through the super cold weather that’s ahead?  I know for me personally, with time my hair has changed and to some [...]


Vintage Natural: Kerry Washington

In honor of tonight’s finale of Scandal, tonight’s Vintage Natural is of course the stunning leading lady herself, Kerry Washington.  Wasn’t she just a Doll?

photo 2 (2)

Protective Styling: Senegalese Twists

Hey Dolls!  It’s feels like forever since I’ve posted and even longer since I did a post on my recent hair situation.  My apologies first and foremost.  Ever since we came back from Jamaica I’ve been so busy with school (It’s finals/hell week) I have no social life WHATSOEVER.  Not to mention I look like [...]


Here’s What I’ve Been Up To…..

I’ve been scarce. I know. I can explain though….I’ve been doing on air stuff ! That’s right, you’re looking at the new “fashion and beauty expert for our local news station here in Decatur Illinois! As awesome as this is, it’s in addition to my already demanding 2AM-10AM editing gig. Not complaining, just sayin that [...]

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