When Life Gives You Snow, Wash Your Hair With It!

As many of you may know, I have completely ditched tap water for my hair. You can read ALL about my tragic hard water/hair ordeal here, here, and here. Anyway, I was down to ONE bottle of distilled water, and because “yours truly” is a piss poor planner, I waited until Saturday morning (the day I needed to wash my hair) to decide to go to the store for more. Well, wouldn’t ya know that the weather outside turned to sh!t overnight, and I woke up to THIS:

image (1)

Well played Mother Nature, WELL PLAYED. Y’all, we were snowed in :-/. I told Jeff that I was going to have to postpone my epic hair washing session until the following weekend, so that I could get some water from the grocery store during the week. When I made this declaration, my husband in all of his infinite, yet sporadic brilliance suggested that I wash my hair with melted snow. His reasoning was that “ya can’t get more natural and pure than rain water. Snow’s just the frozen version of rain!” I couldn’t argue with that, so  I had him suit and boot up, and hit the front lawn for some white fluffy stuff!

image (2)

When he trudged back in, he presented me with this AWESOME collection of snow to get me started. Before I even touched the snow, I made sure to prep my hair with some coconut oil. Slapped on a shower cap, and got to work melting this cold stuff.

image (3)

I had a little system going, where I kept two pots hot at the same time. As one pot melted, I’d add the water to the other pot so it could get warm. This system made the process go quicker and smoother.

When all of the water was melted, I ended up with 2 gallons of water. Jeff lugged in a jumbo bucket of snow, and I got 2 gallons. Fortunately, that’s all I needed for my final rinse.

I detangled my hair under running water, and then  washed with Elucence Moisture Shampoo. After that, I deep conditioned with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Honey I’m Strong, and olive oil, all mixed together. That combination of stuff for a deep condition has such amazing slip, I’m pissed that I didn’t figure it out sooner. After sitting under a dryer for 20 minutes with the heat on low and two shower caps, I had Jeff dump the snow water in my hair as I did my final rinse. Here are the results:


The cold snow water made my hair so shiny and soft. I couldn’t stop touching it. My scalp felt INCREDIBLE.


Save a few split ends, my hair hasn’t felt this healthy two washes in a row since I moved here. 


I love how well my hair came out and am tempted to plan poorly again, so that I can wash it in snow until the winter ends. Who am I kidding, I’ll buy every water in every grocery store, if winter would just END ALREADY! In the meantime, I’m gonna stay in this here house, bundled up, wearing dingy tube socks, with my hair looking AH-MAAAAAAAAZING. :-) Would you wash your hair in snow water? Why or why not? Comment below, lemme know ;-) . Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!

  • http://guyanesesista.com Guyanese Sista

    Dude… You washed your hair with rain water… I would have never thought of that. I wouldn’t try it hair in new york though. Too polluted. Oh and this is Moruka. lol

    • http://shatterproofglassdolls.com Taneica

      It works amazingly!!!

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