When Bad Hair Happens to Good People


So…THIS happened on Monday night. :-( Last month, I rocked mini twists. They were in for 4 weeks, easily. It took me about 2 weeks to put them in! With work and taking care of  Bean, there is no time to sit in my head for hours on end like there was pre-baby. Le-sigh. Anyway, I had them in for a month and decided to take them out on Friday because they were getting extremely frizzy and I didn’t want to look bad on camera. I spent Friday and Saturday taking down the twists and Sunday washing. I was pleasantly suprissed by how easily the comb went through my hair!

Fast forward to yesterday while I was styling my hair before I did some on camera work at the station, and *this* falls from my head. I long strand of a lone twist.  I nearly cried, puked, and crapped my pants all at the same time! I suspect that I didnt remove this twist, and it was twisted so small, it snapped off instead of unraveling.

Let this mini horror story be a lesson to you dolls out there to be patient when removing your mini twists, or just don’t do them at all! Sheeit, I know I wont….. :-(


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