The Harsh Reality of Hard Water…A Quick Follow Up

Sigh… :-( So, yesterday I told y’all about my awesome experience with the Coconut Oil Deep Condish, and mentioned that my only complaint was that my hair lost all it’s body when I took out my plaits. Well, I tried to leave it out and it didn’t do much growing. I figured I’d spritz my hair with some distilled water, Hello Hydration Conditioner, and olive oil and sleep on it. I woke up, and this was the abysmal state my hair presented me with:

photo (10)

*whispers* Just awful! Now, I should add that my hair felt amazing. It was still so soft and super moisturized, but past that, I looked like a black version of Nick Nolte’s mugshot.


The humanity! So yea…lesson learned, sleeping with my hair out will not make it bigger, it will just give me awful bed head. Back to the drawing board! I gotta go plait this mess up, so…I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Stay gorgeous dolls!

  • Brittany Keller

    I was really hoping that would work for you but on the upside you made my day with that mugshot. It makes me laugh every time! Are you still using just the bottled water for your hair and skin???

    • Taneica

      Lol! No worries! The method actually works really well on my hair, I’m just learning the hard way, that my hair doesn’t respond well to being “loose and free” right now. I’m just gonna have to accept that. LOL! Poor Nick in that mug shot, right! LOL! Good thing I didn’t have to go anywhere that day. To answer your question about the bottle water: YES, I am still using distilled water in my hair and on my skin. My skin has gotten SO much browner with the use of distilled water. I’ll be doing a post on that soon. My hair also holds moisture much better now that I use distilled water in my hair mixtures and for my final rinse. I’m not 100% back to where I used to be, but I’m making GREAT progress. :-)

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