The Harsh Reality of Hard Water: An Update….on the Hairfront

Howdy doody Dolls! So, Last week, y’all remember how I broke down and shared with you the perils of hard water and my poor, defenseless, hair and skin? If ya missed it, you can read about here. I was pulling my hair out, trying to figure out what the hell was going wrong…literally, only to discover ALMOST FOUR YEARS LATER, that it’s been the water all along. Well, thank God for the resourceful and knowledgeable women who stop by every now and again to check up on what’s happening in the dollhouse, because, a Miss Andrea H gave me a link to a GREAT video from Mahogany Curls about how she protects her hair from hard water and what she uses! Here it is:

Thank you from the deepest depths of my balding heart Andrea. You just may have just saved the last few strands that I have that are holding on for dear life.

I watched the video on Thursday, went to our local health food store (Meriman’s Herbs) on Friday, bought a bottle of coconut oil, and slapped it in my hair as I was walking out the door. Lol!



I let it sit in there overnight as suggested by Mahogany Curls….and then some. Around noon, I decided to FINALLY wash it out. And here’s the results:

Let's get into that hair shape, mkay?!?!? I cut that mahself ;-)

Let’s get into that hair shape, mkay?!?!? I cut that mahself ;-)

I did a final rinse with distilled water, and as you can see, my hair has body, the curls are popping, and it looks hella soft! I had to fight with myself to keep from touching it CONSTANTLY, it was SO SOFT! My hair hadn’t felt that healthy in years y’all…YEARS.

I carefully braided it up spritzed a little distilled water and Cantu Shea Butter mixed together and sealed with Fructis Sleek and Shine Moroccan oil, and tied it all down with a silk scarf.

Next morning, I took it down, and undid the braids, and this happened:


Body left the building y’all. :-( I figured I’d just leave it to itself and see if it will grow as the day goes on, but this is the worst part about having may hair breakage situation get so bad, My hair isn’t is disrespectfully big as it used to be, and I miss that.  On the up side, maybe I can rock more wash and goes with the awesome shape it has now! I’ll post more pictures of it tomorrow and let y’all know if it grows though! Stay tuned!

  • Andrea H.

    You’re welcome :) .I am currently in the the recovery phase of trying to bring my hair back to life so I completely understand your struggle. I’m at the point where I’m willing to try ANYTHING!! I added this regiment into my wash day and have done it one time, with great results, and plan on doing it out over the next few months. Like you, I have years of damage from hard water so I know this will be a slow process. I’ve done a mini-chop to get rid of some of it so hopefully that will aid in the recovery (fingers crossed).

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