Beauty Product Review: Jonathan Beauty Water Filter

Hey there dolls!!! So, you all know my struggle with hard water, here in Central Illinois has been a trying one. If you’re not aware, you can get brought up to speed here: Hard Water. It was awful and took such a toll on my self esteem. At any rate, I have since figured out what works better for my hair, and have been using snow to rinse my hair and distilled water to wash my face. Both have made my skin and hair markedly improved, but I am still chasing my skin’s youthful glow and my hair’s once disrespectful volume and curl poppage.



Well, I have finally saved up enough coins toinvest in a shower filter. The one that I have been hearing lots of great stuff about is the Johnathan Beauty Water Purification system. I recently watched a video where one of my favorite Makeup Gurus, Jackie Aina , and she mentioned that she was a huge fan of this filter. Per usual, I immediately comtemplated purchasing it. If Jackie says it works, it MUST WORK. lol. I restrained myself, and read up a bit more on it.

According to the Jonathan Product website, the filter boasts a water purification system that removes 91% of chlorine from your tap water, leaving behind pure PH balanced water that will keep your hair healthy and skin hydrated. SIGN ME UP,

After reading several rave reviews about it, I decided to give it a go, and placed my order on Amazon (where it’s WAAAAAY cheaper).


When it arrived, I as very impressed with the short turn around! It came within 5 days, and i don’t even have Amazon prime anymore! When I appened it up, I thought it was going to be tough to install, but I’m determined to get my skin and hair back, so I was determined to become an internet certified plumber if need be. LOL


To my very plesant suprise (and relief), it was so simple to install. It was literally just a screw off of the shower head, and screw on of the filter.


Before screwing on the shower head to the filter, they advise you to do an initial flush were you let the water run THROUGH the filter for about 2 gallons of water. The water thats gonna come out will be blackish colored. The instructions said that you can use this water to water plants and it will be great for the plants because of all of the nutrients and minerals. I thought that was pretty cool, even though I don’t have any plants…lol.

So, what do I think about it? After my intial shower, I must admit, I felt a difference immedately. The water felt softer for sure. My skin was also not as itchy and dry after I toweled off. After a week of using it on my body alone, I am satified with the way its been working to turn my skin’s healt around. I’m on week two of using it, and have been washing my face in the shower at night, still using the bottled water in the day.

In all honesty, I still prefer the bottled water on my face. I find that my face still feels dryer than I’d like when I towel off. But it feels very refreshed and clean with the distilled water. I might just stop all together with the tap water on my face. I will say this though, my skin has improved TREMENDOUSLY since I’ve stopped with the tap water and started DRINKING more water too.


2014. Ugh…the struggle. My glow is still there, but my skin is so dull… :-(


2016. Ya’ll see that glow coming back tho, dont’cha? YAAAAAAS! :-)


No filter at all. MY GLOW IS CREEPING BACK IN Y’ALL!!! #thrilled

I’m curious to see how the my hair responds to the filter water, but since I’m not washing my hair until this weekend, y’all have to wait for that review. lol!

Side note, I was looking at my photo from 2011 and  the one from last week, and I must say, I am aging pretty well, all things considered…lol! Anyway, y’all stay tuned, and leave a comment below! How do YOU combat hard water?

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