The Shatterproof Book Club: Daddy’s Girl by GC Denwiddie

Truth be told, there aren’t nearly enough media outlets out there that positively depict healthy relationships within African American families, especially not between little girls and their fathers. Ms. GC Denwiddie saw this void, and was inspired to write a children’s book that celebrated that very special relationship that many little black girls have with their dads! We had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Denwiddie this weekend and asked her a few questions about what inspired her to write the book, how she got started and her future goals as an author! Read on!

Author GC Denwiddie

How long have you been natural?

I got a perm in middle school, during my basketball days, and then cut off the perm in high school. I had dreads last year, they got to shoulder length, but I cut them off last Thanksgiving.

 What was your inspiration for the first book?

This was an idea that I had for a very long time. I remember seeing a little girl at church and she was so sassy. She had afro puffs and her hands on her hips. I thought she would be a great character for a book about a daddy’s girl.

What do you hope to do in the future as far as writing?

This is my first children’s book. The books will be in a four part series including stories about African American children and parents. An ode to African American families.


Well, lemme just tell you, I read the book and it is so cute! It’s an easy read, perfect for kindergartners and little kids learning how to read! The illustrations went beautifully with each sentence! The relationship between father and daughter was depicted in such a charming and endearing way :-) . I would recommend this book to anyone who has a little girl who has their dad wrapped around their pinky :-) . In fact, Ms. Denwiddie has been kind enough to agree to giveaway a free online copy to one lucky reader! If you would like a chance to win, comment below or on our Facebook page! I’ll be picking a winner next week Monday on 04/02/13!

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