The Nicki Some of us May Never Get to Know…

Hey Dolls!  So the other day while web surfing for some ideas on today’s post, I stumbled upon a throwback video of  Nicki Minaj back in her “humbler” days so to speak.  I personally already knew about Ms. Minaj’s music during her come up because I’m very into underground hip hop (I think what they play on the radio now is crap).  Having heard her spit game before she blew up, I’m not so thrilled about her change.  Before the whole Harajuku Barbie thing and that looney a** performance at this year’s Grammy awards, Nicki was a real life artist!  Her verses were hard core but with a feminine swag and she was soooooooooo hungry!  It was that  hunger for success that forced us along with others that were already in the industry to shut up and listen.  Unfortunately ever since she’s been fed she has ultimately changed into someone that I no longer recognize. She is no longer that girl who used to be on the street corner free styling  and hoping that the right person would hear what she had to say. *Sigh*I don’t care what anyone says, money is a hell of a drug.

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I’m 24 and live in Florida. However I dream of moving to a city thats big enough for me and my in your face personality! I love all things hip hop and artsy as well as enjoying a good urban novel every now and then. I am currently attending college and look forward to graduating at the end of this year. I will be starting school again at a four-year university next spring (Go Bulls wink wink). I want to be an OBGYN when I graduate and have no plans of slowing down any time soon. I hope to inspire our readers and get them excited about looking awesome.

  • Netta

    Smh wow! From this to crazy voices and weird faces…..

  • ShaLonda

    hmm ….. well now …. thats different … gives a little insight to the ‘before there was fame’

  • Comfort Ck Antiri

    It is a hunger for money that is making her do what she is doing today. She really  doesn’t have any female competitors at the moment that is why she can get a way with songs like stupid hoe…

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