Stand In Your Fierceness


I am a full and firm believer in the idea that everyone has a calling and a purpose on their lives from the moment they are conceived in the womb. Stand in your fierceness! You are all fearfully and wonderfully made to do amazing things in this world. Whether your destiny takes you in the direction of something that’s recognized on a global scale, or your impact effects a small community or village, you were designed to do something awesome.

Now truth be told, it takes some people longer than others to figure out what their divine purpose is. I want to share with you, three mental/spiritual methods to push through and make those amazing things that are supposed to happen in your life, actually happen!

Bless and Block

Sometimes, when we realize our potential, and figure out that we’re destined for greatness, naysayers crawl out of the woodwork with every reason why you shouldn’t follow your dreams. They may not flat out say “Hey I’m here to assassinate your dreams and kill your spirit “, but may say subtle things like “Don’t quit your day job” or “I don’t think you’re cut out for that”. The comments are always wrapped in sweetly scented “well wishes” and “advice”.

Take it from me, BLOCK out what naysayers have to say and BLESS them. That way, you can continue to move forward with your goals in a positive and healthy headspace.

The truth of the matter is, we usually know what we’re going to do before we share it with our loved ones. We’ve already weighed many of the pros and cons, and have already talked ourselves out of quitting before we start. That takes a lot of guts! Don’t let someone who may know you, but ISN’T you keep you from chasing and attaining what’s always been yours.

Rebuke and Release

On your journey towards your awesome destiny and doing what God created you to do, you may find that sometimes you doubt YOURSELF. You FINALLY get that interview that you’ve been hoping and praying for, or are finally in line for that promotion, when feelings of inadequacy and doubt start plaguing your spirit every day. Stop it. Just….stop. REBUKE those thoughts and bad vibes right out of your spirit. Vocalize it, and say it out loud if you need to. Hearing yourself say it makes your brain know that you’re serious. RELEASE that thought and don’t pick it up again. You don’t need it anyway. You need all that brain space for more important things, like…what’s your next step towards super sizing your dreams?!?!? :-)

You have every right to believe your own hype.

As women, I honestly feel like many of us have been trained to downplay our intelligence, our bravery, and strength, to make men feel smarter, braver, and stronger. If God didn’t want us to be smart, brave, and strong, he sure as heck wouldn’t have made us WOMEN. Believe your own hype, sis. It’s true anyways. You’re under the impression that you’re capable of being the CEO of your own company? That’s because you are capable. You know you have what it takes to be promoted within your company? You do! Even if your supervisor doesn’t see it yet. Keep pushing, and work smarter. If your boss still doesn’t see it, you have every right to believe in yourself, and find a supervisor who agrees with you. You can also get “Beyonce type bold” and be your own supervisor and promote yourself. #bosschick. YAAAS! I think people confuse being very confident with being conceited or arrogant all the time. Confidence is what you think about yourself and how you manifest that through the way you carry yourself. Arrogance is how you want others to see you and how you treat others as a result of it. You have every right to be aware of your awesomeness and you have every right to advocate for yourself to get where you want to go in this world. Nobody knows you, better  than YOU. If you know that you have a fire in you to be great, find it, and use it to light your way!

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