Sh!t They Don’t Tell Ya About Parenting: My Life in Pictures and modified cuss words…

So, I have beauty, fashion, and natural hair care posts out the yang, but what I nearly forgot to keep including is MY Loves, parenting Twyla, being married….MY LIFE.

There’s so many content creators out there. WAY more than when I started back in 2009, and we all kind of have the same things to offer you guys: pretty pictures of pretty things and links for where to buy more pretty things. What I used to pride my blog on, was sharing my life with you guys through words, with the “Sh!t They Don’t Tell Ya” series. Welp, I’m bringing her back! THANKS BRITTANY!!! ;-)

So, let me give you the tea on what my life has been like, raising this beautiful girl name Twyla.


Ms Twyla is 3 now, going on 4, next June. She’s a well behaved child, very charming, VERY genteel, with a streak of sass…she gets that last part fro her mama.

Now , if any of you out there are parents and have passed this stage, you will understand exactly where I am coming from when I say, if this child asks me ONE MORE %$#[email protected]& QUESTION ABOUT ANYTHING. Y’all, she is forever asked me questions that I can’t answer.

Just last week she asked me why she wasn’t invited to me and her fathers wedding. When I told her she wasn’t here yet, she asked (with the most accusatory tone, as if I was LYING) “well, where was I mommy?” *side eye* I told her to go downstairs and ask Jeff. I am expected to know the answer to EVERYTHING.


So another thing nobody tells you about being a mother is some of us don’t snap back all the way. We just don’t. I STILL have my pregnancy nose. My skin is STILL tripping, and I’ve added 30 lbs to my frame since I had her. Try as I might to go back to pre Twyla, I just can’t seem to get there. It’s frustrating at times, but usually, I am so busy…mom-ing that I don’t even know how much I’ve changed until it’s past 12 and I’m washing my face or standing naked in front of the mirror before or after a shower. At this point, I just want to be healthy and not look like the inside of a clogged garbage disposal…ya dig? LOL Don’t get me wrong, she can still throw on some heels and a freakum dress and SLAY, it’ll just require a girdle and a good support bra now…lol!

At any rate, I love the mess out of this kid and she has made me and Jef’s life so much better by just breathing the same air as us and we couldn’t be prouder of her.


When we were both much! She was like 11 months here

When we were both much smaller…lol! She was like 11 months here

Welp, I gotta go jog before I head off to work! Leave a comment below and tell me what your kids do that drive you INSANE. lol! Stay fierce yall!

  • T Good

    So glad to see you are back. I’m still trying to get 25 lbs off and the older I get, the harder it gets!

  • Brittany Keller

    Yay! Look at your baby girl!!!! She is so beautiful!!! Taneica give it time; this is still new. One of my friends just adopted the 2 girls she was fostering for the past year and although they are older children (now 5 and 7 I think) it is all still new and an adjustment as her habits now have not returned to what they once were try as she might.

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