Sh!t They Don’t Tell Ya: Two Year Old Adventures

Ah, to see the world through the eyes of a child. Today’s blog post is a review of Bean’s adventures! TWO YEAR OLD adventures to be exact :-) . As the weather cools down, and the leaves change colors, the weather is a beautiful reminder that the cold, winter months are creeping up, and will be here before you know it! With this in the back of my mind, Jeff and I have been taking Bean out and about. If there is something kid friendly happening around town, Bean is in thick of things.


This weekend was no different. With a full schedule, Twyla was a busy gal all weekend long! Y’all, she’s getting SO big. I remember bringing her home from the hospital and crying all the way home. I was worried about how tiny she was, and wondered if she would grow to be the same size as everyone else her age. Welp…whadya know…


We took her to a fall festival at a friends house. The owners had a farm with tons of super sweet farm animals, including this chicken who just loved up on Bean, and sat in her lap. Bean loved the heck out of the chicken too! Something tells me, it’s gonna be tough getting her too eat chicken nuggets after that encounter. ROFL


A dog came and loved up on her too. Lol!

The following day, we visited the Great American Pumpkin Patch after church. Oh Em Gee! If you are ever in central Illinois, you’ve got to make your way to Arthur and visit the patch. There;s everything from corn mazes, hay rides, great food, awesome music, and of course, PUMPKINS!





This has been the first year since Bean has been here that I feel she really, REALLY got to enjoy herself, and was old enough tp take it ALL IN, so to speak. I can’t wait to see what next year brings and what she’ll enjoy!

Editors Note: This post was supposed to go upa couple of months ago, but somehow, it was just chilling in the drafts. She’s cute, and I know how much you all enjoy seeing her, so I figured I’s post it anyway. lol

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