Product Review #2: Pantene Co-wash

Hey Dolls!  Man what a week it has been for me!  I had two exams yesterday, I have one today, one on Sunday and two more on Tuesday *takes breath*.  GOOD LORD!  I am literally exhausted from all the studying I’ve been doing.  This evening when I came home from my exam, I didn’t want to see words…PERIOD! I won’t pick up a book again till tomorrow morning to study for the exam I have that evening.  But in the midst of all this chaos I’ve been able to give not one, but two product reviews.  Now unfortunately I wasn’t able to show you my roller set after 2 days because I simply forgot to take pictures prior to rinsing it out. It was getting bad y’all, I mean crucial.  By day 2 I looked like James Brown after a sweaty performance and THAT… is not okay.  So I got a hold of my Pantene co wash that I’d bought before putting in my box braids and figured since I had just shampooed my hair 2 days prior, that now would be a perfect time to give it a try.  Maybe it was because I had a whole lot of styling foam, but it took a couple dollops of conditioner before I felt that it was rich enough to begin detangling.  Nonetheless when I had a lather rich and creamy enough to my liking, I began to finger comb through my hair while allowing the co-wash to stimulate my scalp and moisturize my roots.  I left the product on my hair for several minutes as I took a shower and afterwards rinsed my hair with cold water  to lock in the moisture at my cuticles.  To dry my hair lately I’ve been using a 100% cotton t-shirt.  I’ve read somewhere that it prevents the snagging and pulling that you otherwise may not be aware of in drying your hair with a regular ol towel. This makes it an ideal addition to regimen for fellow curlies such as yourselves.  So anyways, after towel blotting my hair I applied my leave in (Giovanni’s Deeper Moisture conditioner) along with Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla oil for extra shine and moisture and shook out my hair (hands-free) to individualize my curls.  I’ve been trying to use less product to achieve the same look and feel I would with excessive product usage by choosing products that work best for my hair and don’t need 7 other products to back it up.  After everything was said and done I was super pleased with my results.

This photo shows the health of my curls as you can clearly see the well spiraled curls that surround my head.

This photo shows my true curl pattern in it’s purest form. As you can clearly see my well spiraled curls that surround my head.

photo 2 (4)

Looking kind of fresh faced and rested...lies.

Looking kind of fresh faced and rested…lies.

What I loved about Pantene’s co-wash was that, well my curls loved it.  There’s this feeling your hair gets when it’s happy, and if it gets that feeling after the first trial of any product then you just may have a good thing going.  With long-lasting softness throughout the day, minimal frizz and the delightful trademark Pantene fragrance, I’ll definitely give this product another shot in the near future.


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