Operation Waist Snatching: The Struggle


Oh Edy’s Rocky Road. I love you so much I hate you.

It was been a very, VERY difficult past several days. Twyla has been running fevers, and I’ve been running her to and from the doctor, freaking out like I assume any first time mother would.  She got pink eye, and through out treatment of the pink eye, she’s continually rubbing her eye on the sly, causing the pink eye to worsen into an all out eyeball infection. SIGH. I’ve managed to get the eye to clear up a bit, by the grace of God and some prescription eye drops, but her body is fighting this infection, that has spread from her eyeball to her ear, to her sinuses, SO she is having these fevers that fluctuate! I. JUST. CAN’T. :-( At any rate, she’s her happy, flashy self. Today she insisted on wearing her favorite boots with her onsie….


Not my will, but thine be done, Lord. lol! Anyway, I’m grateful that she’s feeling okay, I just worry about that eye.

So, If you’re reading this, I presume you saw the feature photo of my ab roller and a tub of my FAVORITE ice cream. One of these things just doesn’t belong. lol

The good news is, I have not really gained any weight since I lost that initial 3-5. However, the bad news is NO MORE weight is coming off. I’ve denied myself my favorite foods, sweat for 21 days straight, ate less food drank more water, and it’s like this extra weight is just holding on to my bones like “That’s all you got Taneica?”.

Last Friday, while perusing the frozen food section for some frozen fruit for my smoothies, My eyes beheld a beautiful sight.


My will was weak, and I got the ice cream. It’s been years since I’ve had a quart of this stuff in my house, but after going weeks eating everything healthy, I just went for it. I’ve behaved and only have had a cup at a time here and there, and the weight lost is still staying off. However, I am so frustrated that I can’t lose more.

I haven’t slacked on my exercise regime. I jog/walk EVERY day and use my ab roller every other day. Doing crunches on the days that I don’t ab roll. My WAIST SEEMS TO BE RETURNING, but that’s about it. No arm fat melting, but the belly is shrinking. I’m frustrated, but I’m not giving up. My face has also thinned out, so, maybe I am getting somewhere. I feel amazing though, and that’s definitely an improvement. 170 lbs is where I live at the moment and though I’m not happy with it, I am not miserable.


I’ve been thinking of uploading the app “Fit Bit” to my phone, because it seems to help others, but I dunno. If it’s just one more app to take up memory on my phone, it may not be the right fit for me. Have any of you ever used this app? What do you think? How’s your journey to a healthier you going? Have you had any cheat moments that were worth every single bite? Share below!

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