Operation Waist Snatching Take Dos!

Every TIME I put these on, I wanna run to the nearest frozen yogurt store....#restraint

Every TIME I put these on, I wanna run to the nearest frozen yogurt store….#restraint

Hey Dolls!!!! Take a wild guess and tell me what you think kept me away yesterday. Yup. HER. lol! Anywho, I am back and on borrowed time, (she’s sleeping) so I’ll get right to it! I miss my body y’all. It’s crazy, 3/4 years ago, pre Bean, I thought I was so…LARGESE, but since having my little one, I am finding that the clothes that I fit perfectly into pre Bean are practically side eyeing me every time I take them off of a hanger. That’s just some bullshit….lol!

Now, I know that I exude all of the sexiness at whatever size I am, But for the sake of my health, I really have to go back in the opposite direction on the scale.

After having Twyla, I lostall of me baby weight (30 lbs) plus another 10. I breast fed, ate healthy and excercised. I felt and looked pretty damn good! And then the Depo shot happened. :-( I’m still so pissed at my doctor for what that form of birth control did to me! I gained back every single of those 10 lbs and it shows.


This is for real, the heaviest I have EVER been. 178lbs

I have no intention of getting back to high school, ripped abs size. That’s just…stupid. I will be super proud of a toned pre baby weight in the 150s. If I’m really bad, maybe I can get back into the 140s!

skinnier me

Me at 154 a year before Bean busted ya girl open…lol!

The goal is to get back to what I was doing before Twyla got here: MOVE. Since being a mother and working the shitty overnight shift at the news station, I hadn’t the time or energy to spend at the gym, doing reps and jogging on treadmills. That was a luxury. There, I said it. Nothing frustrates me more than super lean, super ripped moms of 3-4 kids who look down their noses at moms who are a little softer and doing the best they can. UGH! That’s a post for another day though. With my 2am-12pm shift in my rearview, I can start focusing on MY rearview (heeeeeeeey) by getting to the gym and jogging.

I’ve been getting up every morning, Monday through Friday at 5 and hitting the treadmill and weights, Beyonce telling me that I “Run The World” with my “Diva” self, via Pandora (thanks Mama Bey). I also make an effort to squeeze in leisurely strolls from time to time as well.

Oddly enough, now that I’m sleeping like a normal person, getting to the gym really isn’t the issue! Eating healthier IS. I have the most ungodly sweet tooth EVER. It’s bad y’all…it’s so bad, I have to portion control a box of Hot Tamales or I’ll eat them all in like…20 minutes. Mindlessly munching is what I call it. I’m trying to do better. But I get into superhero mode on my cheat days drinking all of the soda, eating all of the things. I won’t touch the stuff during the rest of the week, but Friday, I go ALL in. ALL. IN.

I’m posting all of my “fitness sins” and letting my weight out of the closet because I want for YOU guys to hold me accountable! I’ll be checking in with y’all…letting you in on my discoveries and hopefully my accomplishments! If you’re struggling with your weight to and want to join me on my Operation Waist Snatch, comment below, leave your email and lets be “web workout buddies”! Stay tuned for recipes, my hijinks at the gym and so much more! Until later dolls, stay gorgeous!


  • T Good

    I’m in! I bear all of the sins you listed. Sugar calls my name and I answer DAILY!. Are you on MyFitnessPal? I need accountability in my food log. I have been working out daily, but my diet is so bad I completely undo all of the exercise efforts. I have 25 pounds to lose. My email is [email protected]

    • http://shatterproofglassdolls.com Taneica

      Girl. I just can’t with ,yself right now. I ate like…half a bag of Hot Tamales yesterday. Had the most AMAZING steak for dinner on Friday. I will say this about beef. Every time I eat it, I enjoy the meal, but always feel like I made an awful choice afterwards. I’ve been eating salads for dinner since that steak mishap. lol! Anywho, I have been using Lose It to log all of my meals, but I’ve never heard of MyFitnessPal. I also use Couch to 5K for my marathon goal that I’m trying to accomplish. Anywho, thanks so much for joining in! We’re gonna have fun….or something…lol!

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