Operation Waist Snatching: My Current Situation

Y’all thought I forgot about ya, huh? Nope!!!! NEVA! Lol! Bean and I had several errands to run today, and though I am committed to this Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting thing, in all honesty, I have yet to get the “time management” aspect of it all figured out. Sigh.

At any rate, I wanted to give y’all an update on my weight loss progress, failures, and triumphs.

My general overview is that I am actually doing quite well! I feel really good! The sun being outside has been helping TONS with that. Twyla and I barely know what to do with ourselves most days! We’re out there drinking in the sun while we walk to the park, visit the zoo, bike, and GARDEN. Gardening…That’s a post that I can’t wait to share with you guys by the way…it’s coming :-) Anyway, soaking up all of this sun has been helping with my mood and is giving me and Bean more reasons than not to go outside and explore…staying active in the process! There have however been some pitfalls that I should come clean about :-( .

Bean and I soaking up the sun in St Louis. In all honesty, it was really not that cold, but I didn't want to take any chances with her catching a draft. #firsttimemom lol

Bean and I soaking up the sun in St Louis. In all honesty, it was really not that cold, but I didn’t want to take any chances with her catching a draft. #firsttimemom lol

One of my major setbacks has been this weight loss thing. I’m still 172 lbs. Some days I am 170, but I know once I eat a hard boiled egg, that number is gonna be a goner. I am so frustrated that I am not dropping weight, and it discourages me. When I don’t see the number changing, I want to swim in a tub of ice cream. Thankfully, there’s none in the house, but I’m an emotional and sleepy eater. I have an awful habit of staying up until 12/1 AM watching reruns of Medium on Netflix. I sometimes pause and schlep to the fridge, and forage for leftovers, in my drawls and a tshirt….yea…it’s shameful :-( . I’ve started taking melatonin, hoping it will help me fall asleep before I ruin an otherwise normal daily intake of calories. I won’t know if it’s (the melaotnin) helping for another few months, but we’ll see. Pray for me y’all. I also have not been doing the 21 Days. I was going to go in for a second round, but y’all….I got BORED. I’d much rather go outside and power walk up some hills with my fanny pack, bottled water and disco. I did see some awesome results with my figure when I did it though, so I think I’m just gonna have to bone up and get back into it. I have so many cute outfits that I have YET too wear because of my extra weight. You’d think that would be enough motivation, but the chocolate be calling me…lol.

Now, that I’ve aired out ALL of my transgressions, let me tell you what I HAVE been doing right! My water intake has been SO much better. I have managed to keep up my morning routine of drinking one cup of hot water as soon as I wake up. I then put three and whatever remains of the water that I heated up in the freezer and take them out throughout the day.


This way, I know exactly how much water I’m drinking and how many more bottles of water I have to go. Hand to my creator, y’all….I really don’t like water.  However, I have found that adding fruits to the water make it much more tolerable. I haven’t really been craving sweet drinks like soda and juice as much since doing this fruit infused water thing! If you hate water like me, I really would encourage you to give the fruit in your water thing a try. Not only does it help with the flavor, but there’s awesome added health benefits too! Lemon is a great source of potassium, and vitamin C, and is said to be great for your skin AND breath! Strawberries are supposedly good for fighting bad cholesterol and also have Vitamin C that helps with immunity! I also love ginger in my water. I like the “zing”. Ginger is great for keeping inflammation of your joints at bay by the way. As you can tell, I have been really getting into this water infusion thing. Another thing that I still see it for, is eating healthy meals. I am still eating lots of fish (though white fish like Cod….I have to go easy on…more on that some other time), I love my veggies and my fruits. Right now I am really digging mangoes. In fact, if you’re reading this, and live in Florida, send me some mangoes, can we talk please? I need somebody out there to raid someones tree and ship me a box full of mangoes. I will pay for shipping. THANKS. lol! The funny thing, is that even though I struggle with the sweets, I haven’t completely fallen off  the wagon, because I really enjoy eating fresh produce and don’t go crazy with the red meat. I have also continued waist training and am having really good results. Once I have a proper waist to show you  ladies, I’ll do a before and after post about my waist training journey. Lastly, like I mentioned above, I have really been staying active, getting outside and just moving with Bean!

All in all, I’m quite proud of myself. I look in the mirror these days, and I see a woman who looks healthy. Could I drop some pounds? Hell yes. But, BUT, my body works and I’m giving it the fuel I think it needs to keep working. I think it shows, I just want it to show more. lol! What have you dolls been up to? Have any of you out there seen any changes in your figures? Any weight lost? What have you been doing to keep yourselves feeling fabulous?!?!? Comment below and let me know! I’ll be back on Friday with another post, maybe two! Until then stay fabulous!



  • Brittany Keller

    First things first, I read that you said it was sunny, then I saw the pic with Bean all bundled up, then I read the caption and couldn’t help but laugh to myself! So cute! Don’t be too upset about not exercising because at least you and baby girl are getting up, around, and out of the house which is more than I’ve been doing #worksucks but #thankGodforthejob lol I wish I could get on this water kick with you! When I was sick a few weeks ago I was killing water and green tea but not that I’m better I’m just like hmmmm I’ll pass lol the sad thing is I don’t drink soda and hardly ever even buy juice so I’m just choosing to drink nothing at all. I’ve got to do better. I can’t wait to see the results of your waist training!

    • http://shatterproofglassdolls.com Taneica

      LOL! I know…I’m lame-o supreme-o! LOL!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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