Operation Waist Snatching: Losing My Mind, Not Losing Weight

See that? Not a single change in my wight, and it's been over a month. I could break something right now. LOL

See that? Not a single change in my wight, and it’s been over a month. I could break something right now. LOL

Well. There it is folks. I’m at 173. I was at 178 to start. 2lbs from 180! Since I left the station and started focusing on my health, I lost 5 lbs and an inch everywhere, but I haven’t lost an ounce since that 5 lbs dropped shortly after I left.

I don’t even know what to say! I am SO frustrated! My frustration is what did me in the last several times, so I’m trying not to focus on it. I want to dive into a box of Hot Tamales like…RIGHT NOW. Sigh. I’ve been moving 5 times a week. I either walk/jog for an hour, do my 21 day fix, or go to the gym and give the stair master a go. I have been mindful of my eating habits, even on my cheat days, and have all but SHUNNED sodas and sweets.

Yesterday, I started a diet…out of desperation, and I’m already over it. It’s called the AHA diet. The diet promises to shed 10 lbs safely off of your body, if you follow everything to the letter. The magic is in a “chemical combination in the foods consumed that cause weight to drop off the body quickly. Welp, I’m in day two and I don’t think the chemicals have kicked in yet. The food isn’t awesome, but it’s a good amount. I can’t snack in between,though, I can only drink water. YAY. ME. *side eye*


I got this idea from Laura Rocio. She swears by it and said she had great results when she did it.
Here’s her video on it:

I figured I’d give it a shot and see how I did. I’m on day 2, and still have yet to see a pound shed. I’m also jonesing for a snack. I’m just gonna sit here and suck on this water bottle though. Sigh. If I don’t see any changes tomorrow, I’m ditching this diet, and eating some food. I get hangry so badly when I’m bot eating throught the day, and at this present moment, I wanna punch someone in the throat. There is one good thing about this diet, I can have a cup of ice cream for desert. Let’s see how I fare over the next day. *swigs water* Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!

  • T Good

    Don’t do it! I vowed this year that I’m not doing anything I can’t keep up long term. If that means I only lose one pound a month, then so be it. I’m still at the same 2 lb loss but I’ve added a mile onto my long distance run. Small victories are the name of my game. Ditch the diet and commit to one change you can maintain (maybe give up one food or sweet). Hang in there. I’m still hanging (usually hungry) but present!

    • http://shatterproofglassdolls.com Taneica

      Thanks T-Kia! I actually got back down to 170, and was able to eat like a normal person. Since I went 3 whole days without sweets, I indulged with some chocolate covered strawberries and good and a handful of Good and Plenties. :-/ They tasted amazing though :-) . I decided to go for an hour long walk to combat the sweet tooth binge, so I don’t feel TOO bad. Let’s see if I gain back every pound when I weigh back in on Monday.

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