Operation Waist Snatching: 21 Day Fix Nearly Took My Life!


Hey Dolls! I can’t feel my legs. I can’t feel my arms or butt either. God of heaven, I’m falling apart and I’m only ONE DAY into this thing! What am I talking about? It’s a workout program that combines 30 minute, high impact, cardio workouts with responsible eating solutions, that promises to melt away a significant number of pounds in 21 days.


A friend and coworker of mine came into work one morning looking like…everything awesome about being a woman. lol! Shout out to Paula! When I told her so, she put me on to this DVD that she’d been keeping up with and I was immediately intrigued. After a few months, she was kind enough to loan me the DVDs for a while so that I could enter fab figure territory along with her! I couldn’t wait to get started.

I admit, when I pressed play and started jogging along with Autumn Calbrese and her “Angels of Death” as I affectionately refer to them, I felt great! Motivated even! Actually, I was even a lil judgmental of the “modified” exercise chick….Cathy, I think is her name. I kinda side eyed her like “you’re not gonna burn fat by marching in place, sis….” Y’all, that snark was out the window in 15 minutes of the video. Cathy was still keepin’ that heart rate up, smiling with a thin layer of perspiration on her brow, and was bent over, hands on knees saying to myself “You’re not gonna burn any fat just standing here sputtering, sis.” I look to my right to catch Bean watching me from her high chair, hand full of eggs and chicken to the face, staring at me with a look of confusion and amusement. I can’t let Autumn and crew show me up in front of my kid, but I also can’t kick over and die right here either. Who’s gonna dial 911? Bean? So, I swallowed my pride and followed my new hero Cathy, and we both “old lady high stepped” until I had the strength, or something to keep up with Autumn and her Angels of Death again. Y’all….it was BRUTAL. By the end of the entire thing, I was sweating profusely, nauseous, sore and a little dizzy. I wanted to sleep, but wanted to run around Decatur in a sports bra and hot pants at the same time…mind you it was like 40 degrees outside, but surviving 30 minutes of THAT shit made me feel like I could do anything! I couldn’t eat for like 3 hours after that because my mouth was so tired! I have no idea what my mouth has to do with cardio torture, but I swear I worked out muscles EVERYwhere. Believe me, every muscle up IN my body cussed me out by the end of the day. I went to sit on the toilet before bed and shot back up so quick, you would’ve thought it was a hot seat! My thighs were on FIRE! And to think, I’m only 1 day in? I still have 20 TO GO! God help me…..pray for me y’all! P.S. Shout out to TKia who’s joining me on Operation Waist Snatch Dos. Come spring, we’re gonna both look like Beyonce…hopefully. Lol! Stay tuned for my weigh in on the 29th. This should be interesting! Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!

  • T Good

    Not sure if Im gonna look like Beyonce, but not looking like Madea is a good target! I also signed up for Lose It today. Day one down………

  • Brittany Keller

    That sounds brutal!!! Brutal but good! I would love to do insanity again but I think I’ll stick with Jillian for now lol

    • http://shatterproofglassdolls.com Taneica

      Girl, Jillian does’t play either! Lol!Thanks for stopping by! Visit again soon, will ya? :-)

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