Operation Waist Snatching: 172

I’ve been trying to hold this off, hoping that I would have some super sexy Jessica Simpson reveal, but alas….Here’s what I’ve got for y’all.

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Squint real hard folks. I’d dust it off, but I was too discouraged to bother. It’s 172, the weight I started off with over a month ago. The inches I’ve shed haven’t returned, and I have a bit of a waist that wasn’t there before…hallelujah, thank you Lord, but I’m not losing this weight y’all. I’m drinking water like a thirsty camel, I walk at least 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week. I do crunches and squats….with Twyla in tow, and eat fruits AND veggies DAILY. I indulge in the sweets, but I control my portions and go a few days without sweets all together. In addition to ALL of this bullsh*t, I try to wrap my waist, DAILY. It’s not comfortable either, dolls.

Me in December...

Me in December…



Me now…le sigh

Truth be told, I feel healthier. My skin looks great, my hair is finally growing, like a normal, healthy person’s hair should grow. The clothes that I can fit into, look great. However, I know, deep down in my bone grizzle that 172lbs is NOT a healthy weight for me. I should be at least 20lbs lighter. I’m just not sure what else to do to get the weight off. I’ve tried dieting, and though that AHA diet worked, it’s absolutely impossible to keep up. Crackers and cottage cheese as a meal is just ungodly. lol! I mean, at this point, I just want to buy an entire, new wardrobe, and rock what I’m working with, but the health conscious side of me wants to push myself further and see what else needs to happen for me to shed this weight, so that I can fit into the clothes I already own. :-/ What would YOU do if you were me? Keep doing what you’re doing and accept it, or push harder to lose the weight?

  • Your loving hubby

    Push harder! You’re doing great. ;-)

  • Brittany Keller

    Push harder girl! I know I definitely need to; hell I need to start back pushing altogether! The important thing is you haven’t given up and you’re still eating healthy and exercising daily. In my book, that’s half the battle done.

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