Sh!t They Don’t Tell Ya: Twyla and the Bread of LIFE


Mom, what’s IN this bread? Fairy dust and Beyonce’s tears?!?!? It’s amazing!

Hello dolls! Happy Monday and to those of you on this weight loss journey with me, I hope you’re reaching your weight loss goals at a quicker and more impressive rate than me. :-(

While I’m not really eating like it’s my last day on earth, I’m doing my best to ensure that Twyla is eating things that she enjoys (within reason). One such thing is some bread that Jeff picked up last weekend at the International grocery store.

We usually shop at this grocery store once or twice a month so that I can stock up on Jamaican veggies and seasoning. They not only sell Jamaican stuff though! They also have Hispanic, Asian, AND African foods there!

I dunno where these particular bread is from, but Jeff was curious about it, so he put it into the shopping cart.

On our way home, I read the ingrediants, and to my glee AND digust, the simple make up of this bread was flour, sugar, coconut flakes, and LARD. I decided right then and there that THIS bread wasn’t for me.

Flash forward to yesterday, there was a small piece left, and Bean was a little peckish. I figured since Jeff slapped off the entire box, he wouldn’t mind me giving Bean the last piece. I popped it into the microwave to warm and soften it, then gave it to Bean.

Heres her face as soon as she took that first, messy bite:

This. Is. AH-MAZING!

This. Is. AH-MAZING!

I asked her for a bite, and she politely obliged. I gotta tell y’all, I dunno if it was because I’ve been shunning carbs for a while, or if it was truly that good, but I gotta tell ya, THAT BREAD TASTED LIKE MANNA FROM HEAVEN! Lol!


She then proceeded to slap off the ENTIRE rest of the loaf in under 5 minutes!  Good thing I let her have it!

I’ll be checking in with my weight, (it ain’t impressive, but I promised) tomorrow. Sigh. Stay tuned and stay gorgeous dolls!

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