Hair retention. What works for you?!

Hey dolls! So this weekend after I co-washed my blow dried tresses, I came to the realization that my current hair care methods have really been benefitting me in the hair growth department. Curious as to what hair care method I speak of? Well lately I’ve been taking full advantage of the co wash epidemic that has taken over the natural hair world for quite sometime now, and in doing so I realized, IT WORKS!!!! Co-washing my hair once and sometimes twice a week, has really helped me to not only keep my curls popping just a little longer, but it also keeps them soft and lush without any frizz in sight! Plus the Pantene for naturals cowash that I use is absolutely PHENOMENAL and I recommend any natural hair goddess to at least give it a try if she hasn’t already. Now I’ll be the first one to admit that the pineapple method does not do much for my wash n’ go’s other than keep the top of my puff curly and the hair at the back of my head super straight the next day. So I can’t just take my hair down the next morning to a beautiful full wash n’go fro. But it is little to no hair manipulation which we all know gives your hair the chance to grow, grow, grow. Plus daily moisturizing is a must! So what are your tips for hair retention? Take a look as this YouTube curly shows us how she keeps her luscious locs happy and growing.

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