Getting back my curls aka “The Struggle”

So as many of you may know, I’ve recently succumb to some pretty bad heat damage and as a result I’m trying my very best to get my natural curl pattern back.  I miss my curls like the desert miss the rain, I haven’t done a wash n’ go or afro puff in a good minute and I am absolutely devastated! Unlike the saying ” you don’t miss a good thing until it’s gone,” I’ve always known that my curls were bad ass.  So what is a curly girl to do?  RECLAIM HER CURLS of course.  I previously wrote a post asking you all for some help or testimonials about any past experiences you may have had with heat damage and how you came back from it and most of you informed me of the egg and mayo treatment.  I thought I’d try this curl rejuvenating  treatment once I touched down in Illinois for the birth of Bean, but when I shared my idea with Taneica she told me that there was a chance that my hair may smell anything but pleasant afterwards so I decided to opt out.  My hair must smell like like gardenias and unicorn breath at all times :-P .  Instead she loaned me her Aphogee intensive 2- minute keratin reconstructor with the assurance that it would get my curls back to where they used to be with continual usage.  Dolls I was so desperate I wasted no time at testing her statement and washed my hair that same day.  I used my regular Suave Naturals shampoo and conditioner with my favorite deep conditioning treatment ( Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak) and the Aphogee 2- minute keratin reconstructor.



I noticed that my strands were completely soft and moisturized immediately after the wash so I could tell that they received a good treatment.  Now of course my curls didn’t spring back to life right before my eyes like I told myself they would, but I did notice a change in the overall health of my hair afterwards which I credit the keratin reconstructor for.  Now that I’m back home in Florida, I’ll try to see where I can get a bottle for myself and begin my journey from there.  I may even have to go back to washing my hair once every two weeks and to that I give a resounding UGH.  Well until next time Dolls, stay fabulous!

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