Dear Icon For Hire,

Dear Icon For Hire,

You guys are fricking amaze-balls, smothered in swag sauce….no cheese. :-) Since interviewing you back in December, Miss Ariel, I have been playing Make a Move and Get Well incessantly! I have caught my husband singing along to your songs on Pandora! We were overjoyed when we found out that you’d be playing at Sliderz this past weekend and were stoked to come out and see what Icon For Hire, live and in person was like! You all certainly didn’t disappoint! When we walked into the venue, one of the first people who caught my eye was a dude standing in a corner with a group of what seemed to be security people. Dude had his swag meter on 10, with a kick ass Mohawk to match. Me being the overly friendly southern gal that I am, hollered out, “HEY! HOW ARE YA?!?!?” like I knew the man my entire life. Shawn, not missing a beat, grinned back and said “I’m fine, how are you?”. Had someone walked by, they would’ve sworn we knew each other from somewhere, but nope, he’s just that approachable….kick ass mohawk and all :-) . I made my way to the merchandise table with hubby hot on heels. We stopped at the merch table and got a warm Midwestern greeting from a young man with a nose ring. Very cute dude! lol! He asked us if we had a CD and I blurted out “YEA!” as if he should’ve read my mind and known that I and Jeff were huge fans. lmao! He looked very familiar, so I told him so. Looking slightly amused, he said “well, I’m in this band….” It was all I could do to not giggle. I felt so silly! As I turned to find a spot to park myself, my eyes caught a flash of HOT PINK hair. I swear, homegirl’s hair was on FIRE! I grinned and said “Hey girl!” Ariel grinned back and said “Hey! I am so glad you could make it!” I was not only shocked by how fantastically pink her hair was, but by how normal she was. She talked to us a little about moving to Decatur when she was younger and listened to me bellyache about moving here last summer. She was so easy to talk to and very kind. I couldn’t help but wonder how the heck someone so airy and delightful could be so tough on stage. After talking to her, I found Adam and asked him a burning question: “How do you pronounce your last name?” He obliged and pronounced it for me twice. I confessed that I had been butchering it for a long time and he didn’t give me grief for it! He asked me my name and told me it was nice to meet me. I admit, I was a bit smitten. Such a nice young man. lol! Shortly after, the band hit the stage and let me tell ya, they morphed into professional, rockstar, magical, musicians. O.M.G. The entire band put it allllllllll out there and gave a phenomenal show! Josh did some cool flip thing while he was playing the guitar and Shawn about flew out of his seat a few times, he was playing so hard! He was playing those drums as if his life depended on it! Shawn and his hair made my evening. He plays the guitar with Mick Jagger-esque attitude! #Werk! Ariel morphed into this pink haired rock goddess on stage and did not disappoint. She engaged the crowd and smiled directly at me a few times….I think…lol! Either way, she has a God given gift of interacting with her audience and gives every drop of musical talent on stage. Watching her made me both inspired and exhausted. I could’ve sworn this was the same chick who slept on a bus and ate pizza daily while touring. WTF?!?!? Where the hell do you get all of that energy girl? I have a suggestion for you and your band mates. I suggest you guys bottle up some of that energy and determination and sell it along with the T-shirts and CDs. You’ll make a killing! Hell, I’ll buy the first case of the stuff! All kidding aside, you guys are incredibly talented and it was a pleasure meeting each and every one of you. I am proud to be an Icon For Hire fan. P.S. Please know you made two new friends…. :-)


Ok, so I know rock bands don't typically have background singers, but if ya ever need someone to "DOO-WOP" on them vocals for ya, I'm your gal! lol!

UBER STOKED! Are ya'll seeing that Mohawk behind me? I know what to get Shawn for Christmas this year. HAIR SPRAY.



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