Constantly Struggling to Stay Consistent

The struggle is real, y’all. I am constantly struggling to stay consistent, when it comes to blogging, producing content, and everything else. This has been a struggle for me for at least 3 years now. 6 years ago when Sherica and I started this blog, we were in completely different places and spaces in our lives. I was engaged, lived in Florida, and had a flexible job, that made it easy to blog, and meet with Sherica to bring you guys the (arguably) funny and informational content that we did. Sherica was an undergrad in college and had a more flexible situation as well. After I got married and moved, things seemed to keep rolling, since both of us were still pretty free of other commitments and we were able to hammer out meetups and thangs for our loyal readers. It was easier and more doable for the both of us when there was always someone who could write on our blog. Fast foward to 2016, Sherica is gone, off becoming a doctor. I’m a mommy and wife, chasing her dreams to become a journalist and media personality. Times have certainly changed, and there slso doesnt seem to be as much of it as there once was. I have been tryng to regulary squeeze something out and on to my blog, but honestly, life has gotten in the way. Somehow, I can’t seem to shake y’all though. I really am determined to find my rhythm again and get back to giving you lovely readers some great content daily or every other day or weekly, or whatever. I just really want to get back to having a consistent schedule with y’all. That’s truly what I struggle with. I wish I was able to provide content every single day like we used to, but that just doesnt seem very realistic for my life right now. Neither does every other day to be honest. I am taking myself back to the drawing board to see how I can pull this off and make this work for my life and for my readers. You guys are so dope and you deserve my best, at least on the days that I can give it to ya ;-) . Thanks so much for sticking with me and keep sticking. I’ve got some exciting things that I have been working on and I can’t wait to share them with you. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can get my comedic comentary on the weeks most stylish celebs. I think I’m going to start doing hair tutorials again, but again, we have to commit to consistency first. Before I go, I want to share some pictures of me and the crew with you. Twyla has been having a tough winter. She’s sick at least once a month :-( . Fortunately shes a happy kid otherwise and is pretty healthy spring through Fall. lol!



When you highlight like your life depends on perfection. #YAS! rofl

When you highlight like your life depends on perfection. #YAS! rofl

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