Chicago Shatterproof Soiree

OH. MY. GAWD. CHICAGO WAS DOPE! We have been scheming on doing an event in Chicago since I laid eyes on this place 2 years ago. The air and vibe of Chicago is ELECTRIC! I love the city bustle, the food, AND the natural coils that I see, all up and down Michigan Ave! Imagine my pleasant surprise when I found out that one of my favorite hair product places allowed bloggers to host parties! I was all like Hell Yea F****ing Right!!!! And the rest is history! Yesterday was the fruits of over 5 months of planning and it was fabulous! Fifteen of the most gorgeous women in Chicago showed up to get spoiled an pampered like the fierce dolls that they are! Take a look!

Frantically texting before the event to make sure everything was on the up and up!

Jamba Juice AND Hpnotiq were on deck, keeping our dolls refreshed and feeling “right”.


Sigh. It was all so incredible and would not have been possible without you gorgeous gals! Thanks so much for spending your evening with us and for being the best readers ever in life!

Thanks so much to Aveda’s fantastic team: Brentley, Tazbah, Allison, and Mierna. You were all a pleasure to work with! For more photos of the evening’s experiences, visit our Facebook page. Also, stay tuned Dolls, we could be coming to a city near YOU next! :-)

  • Ings

    So…. any chance that Sherica will tell us where her dress is from?
    And thanks?? :-D

    • Sherica

      Hey Ings, you liiike lol? I got my dress from Asos sometime around June this year. I bought it for around $20!

      • Ings

        woohoo !
        Now i’m going to stalk ASOS for it.


    • Sherica

      If I can find it again I’ll post the link below this post ;-)

  • Sandi Dunn

    such beautiful pix!!! wish i cud hav made it :( Y’all look so beautiful nd FAB tho!!!

  • Nique

    Is that ZPhiB in the building?! *hopeful smile*

    • Taneica

      Oh lawd…I’m just seeing this! But no, we are all USF alums! That’s the Bull symbol! Go Bulls! :-)

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