Blac Chyna’s Beautiful Head Full of Natural Curls!!!

Hey Dolls!  Who would’ve thought that the “King of Diamonds” most prized possession had a head full of beautiful, natural, tight curls?!  While Tumbling a few nights ago, I stumbled upon this profile that was dedicated to the well-known stripper and found these astonishing photos of her at the beauty salon getting her natural hair washed, treated and braided.  Now some of our younger audience may recognize Chyna from her lead role in the rapper Tyga’s music video/movie for his  spring time jam “Rack City.”  But long before then Chyna has been working a pole better than Naomi Campbell works the runway and since then most of us have known her for her super long falsies (lashes), pink lip stick, an a** length banged wig and two strategically placed dimple piercings.

What some of us didn’t know however, was that she was also a fellow chemical free sistah with a head full of hair that would make Chewbacca blush!

I’d wear a wig daily, to bed even if it got my hair to eventually look like this!

photos courtesy of:

  • dijah la garveyistaღ


  • Shatia Smith

    Her hair is all types of awesome. #Someday

  • Keyona

    Since it’s coming to light that a lot of women with wigs/weaves/extensions have healthy natural hair underneath, we can’t all judge women who wear wigs/weaves/extensions like we use to. The stigma is in a way weakening. Not bad at all.

  • sexy T

    Love ur hair ,very long n my is too by for sum reaso i love wearing wigs ;-)

  • Vicky

    Her HAIR IS SOOO LONGGG. I’m going natural and this legit gives me hope. I love Blac Chyna!

  • Maria-Elena Velasquez

    I also wear human hair lacefront wigs and have gotten AWESOME growth underneath.

    The trick is to just leave your hair hair alone! Moisturize your cornrows daily and you will have long, healthy locks in no time.

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