Twyla Fashionista: Crochet Baby Cardigan

Happy Friday dolls! Today Twyla is taking over my blog rocking the hell out of a fall staple in her wardrobe, the crochet baby cardigan! About two years ago, her fabulous Uncle Izzy made her this beautiful rainbow colored cardigan that she wore for one of her first shoots!

This is when we realized we had a star. Photo Courtesy of On Location Photography Steve Nichols

This is when we realized we had a star. Photo Courtesy of On Location Photography Steve Nichols


Twyla rocking her cardigan last fall/winter when she was a year old.

She’s since gotten a few inches taller and a few pounds heavier, but this is the only article of clothing that she owns that still fits her! It has practically grown with her, and I love it!

The cardigan boasts a multicolor pattern with a beautiful, soft, cotton blend yarn. It’s been washed several times and has held up beautifully. It still looks new actually!


Twyla now. My how she’s grown!

Anyway, I love that she always looks so proud when she wears it, and even though its short sleeved, it holds warmth so well. I just layer it with a long sleeve top or onsie.

Izzy is super talented and is ready, able, and willing to make your child one of her very own! You pick the colors, and he’ll get to working his magic. He’s amazing to do business with and works closely with his clients to give them a product that they can enjoy and be proud of! It’s only $35! For the wear that your kid is going to get out of it (2 years and going for my little one), it’s worth every penny!


Very sophisticated!

Very sophisticated Bean…lol!

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Cardigan: Croshizzy Couture


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