Twyla Fashionista: Cherry Picker

Happy Monday Model Citizens!!! I’m taking a break, and giving the stage to my little cherry picker!  So, as many of you already know, Monday is the day of the week that I post my most fashionable outfit OF the week! However, the weather has been terrible in Central Illinois! Outside is a soggy, soupy, mosquito ridden mess, due to  all of the rain that we’ve been getting. I was unable to head outside and shoot this week. It rained EVERY SINGLE DAY Y’ALL!

Anyway, Bean has been looking mighty stylish lately, thanks to my mom and her seemingly limitless budget when it comes to decking out my kid in the cutest summer dresses and sandals money can buy. LOL!


My favorite dress of all of the ones that my mom has bought for Bean thus far, is this dress right here. It’s a super cute halter dress with an even cuter cherry pattern all over the dress.


I love how summer time appropriate this dress is, and she looks just darling in it. The dress is cotton and hold up well after being washed. The colors didn’t fade and the shape of the skirt held up so well! The thing that really just makes my heart melt about this dress though, is the back!


Bean’s little shoulder blades look like angel wings :-) . This dress is perfect for a picnic or a little girls birthday party!


I wasn’t able to find the exact dress, but Esty has TONS of cute halter dresses that look just like this one, minus the pattern. Check them out! Thanks again so much for stopping by, and don’t forget to tell your friends about this blog! 1,000 Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook subbies/followers equals a kick ass Chicago bash! 2,000 and I’m going to Florida! More than 2,000 and I’ll spread my shady self all over these great United States of America ;-) . I’ll see y’all soon! Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!

Dress: My mom bought it, so I’m not sure, but I found this cute one from PelangiDesign

Headband: Aly’s Bandstand


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