Taneica Fashionista: Retro Pinup

Hey there Glamazons! Today’s Taneica Fashionista post is of me in a dress that I couldn’t fit in when I first bought it. It fits now, but I still have a ways to go before it fits me the way I want it to. I love how sexy this dress is! It’s got this Retro Pinup girl vibe, hence the title! I love the way it fits shows off every curve…especially my favorite ones! :-) The cute keyhole at the bust is nice too :-) . Though I really love this dress, the things that I am most proud of are my shoes, and my HAIR! Would you believe me if I  told you that this look was done with a good ole, banana clip?!?!? Yup, that’s right…a trusty, old fashion, very basic banana clip! The gorgeous silk flower dresses it up even more. It came out so well, that I actually redid this look in a tutorial.



I haven’t uploaded anything to Youtube in like SEVERAL MONTHS, so, you know it must be something really good for me to think it’s worth setting up a camera and making a video for! I took the liberty of making a series of videos of my favorite hair styles that I have used a banana clip to do. I’m calling the series the Banana Clip Badassness series. LOL! It’s about 4 to 5 looks that can help ya keep your hair out of your face and super stylish. Keep your eyes peeled for it, mkay? The other thing that I’m super proud of, is the awesome shoes that I wore for this look. They’re not for the faint of heart. LMAO. The height of these shoes make them incredibly sexy and flattering. They’ll make your legs look a mile long. But the height also makes these shoes IMPOSSIBLE to wear for longer than 30-40 minutes, standing up. These shoes arent good clubbing/dancing shoes. They’re good shoes for sitting pretty somewhere…lol! That’s about it though, sorry. I’m proud of myself for getting down the driveway in them and being able to take these pictures, looking like I’m wearing sneakers…lol! At any rate, I really love this outfit, and will wear it again. Probably for a date night! HEEEEEY ;-) . Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!





Dress: Super Old, but I found one similar here

Shoes: Can’t find my exact shoes, but found the brand and style in Red Pink and White

Hair Flower: ParadiseBridal on Etsy Here

Clutch: Milanblocks Here

Earrings: Baublebar Old



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