Taneica Fashionista: Skater Dress

Good morning glamazons! Todays Taneica Fashionista post is a very simple skater dress and some way more…ornate bow heels. Now, too be more accurate, the shoes are not as ornate as they are fancy, but I think that they really elevate the look! This dress is super old, but there are gazillions like it in different patterns and cuts on Asos. Check below at the end of the post to get a look at all of them. One of my favorite things about the dress, is the party going on in the back :-) .  As for the shoes, they’re cute, holy sh!t, if they ain’t painful…lol!  They’re a higher, cheaper imitation of the $250 designer pair, custom made by Aminah Abdul Jillil. Click her name and go look at all of the GORGEOUS shoes she’s responsible for creating. My heart says “YAS!”, but  my budget is saying “b*tch you tried it”. LOL! Ah well, maybe for my birthday! I would like to think that I am a pro at walking in most heels, but THESE were just ridiculous. They’re so high that the heels move when you walk in ‘em. I can’t get down with that. If you can dig it though, again, the information for where you can find these shoes are below.

TF41 TF42 TF43 TF44

Dress: Super Old from Asos

Shoes: Privilege

  • Antonia Yves Martin

    I love it! You look amazing!! #BLMGRL

    • http://shatterproofglassdolls.com Taneica

      Hey, Thanks! I hope you come back soon and often! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sherica Phillips

    Damn you fine af! Sorry…no I’m not. DAAAAAAMN!!!

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