Taneica Fashionista: Madden Girl

Today’s Taneica Fashionista post features a very stylish, very warm shawl from Madden Girl! Before I show you folks how I styled the shawl though, I’d like to tell you how I got it!


Last weekend, a very special, very generous act of kindness happened to me, thanks to the thoughtfulness of a soul sister. My friend, mentor, and walking partner Brigette asked me to meet her at our local park to help her set up a very special birthday party for one of her sorority sisters. Though I was sick and hacking up every gross thing imaginable, I decided to help my friend in her time of need, because she has NEVER left me hanging.


I arrive at the park, ready to help and find balloons, beautifully wrapped gift boxes, a few other familiar faces, and some I didn’t know.

Among the familiar faces was Brigette’s, grinning ear to ear. She proceeds to tell me and the other 4 girls (friends of hers who she also tricked into meeting her at this park), that she didn’t need our help, but was in fact treating us to an afternoon of lunch and new clothes, courtesy of Kohl’s and Madden Girl! I about passed out! I couldn’t believe that Brigette managed to pull this off!


Kohl’s is doing a really cool campaign right now called the #Yes2You campaign. An awesome group of folks have been traveling around the country, surprising people who positively impact the lives of those around them.


It was such an honor to be part of something like this. I mean, you only see this kind of stuff on TV, so to actually live it, and know that someone loved you enough to think of you for a blessing like this, is fantastic!

Here’s a cool video clip of the event as it unfolded:

After we picked out, and tried on all of these amazing clothes…THAT WE GOT TO KEEP :-) , we enjoyed a delicious lunch courtesy of a local bakery, Wildflour!

TF218 TF219

They have the best sandwiches EVER! They even give Panera bread a run for their money!

It was an incredible moment that I will never forget. Thank you to my friend Brigette for thinking of me and helping me remember that God takes care of those who love him, by surrounding them with good people. Thank you to Kohl’s and Madden girl for being so generous, and thank you to the stylists, PR, and camera people who’d helped to make the day so special.


Now let’s get into how I styled the whole entire HELL outta that Madden Girl Shawl, shall we?


So, this past Sunday, Twyla and I accompanied Jeff on a trip to Cincinnati Ohio. As you all know, I am dreadful at keeping stylish in colder weather (hence the lack of lookbook posts from September-March in years past), but am determined to slay all Fall and Winter long this year. This shawl from Madden Girl, couldn’t have fallen into my lap at a better time. I packed it up and wore it, my entire stay in Cinci. As lightweight as it is, it holds warmth so well. The faux fur collar adds a touch of glamour to the shawl as well. It’s versatile and can be warm different ways. With a broach or large safety pin, you can even get this poncho look!


I paired the shawl with my trusty jeans and Bamboo booties, and my favorite Stella and Dot Shift bag.


This look is perfect for shopping with friends or brunch. I think I might wear it to both the next chance I get!


I hope you enjoyed this post, and look forward to sharing more of my Fall and winter looks in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned and I’ll see y’all soon! Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!

Shawl: Kohl’s

Boots: Similar Here

Shift Tote: Stella and Dot for 50% off this month!

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