Taneica Fashionista: Fury in the Fashion


Happy Monday Model Citizens!!! Today’s Taneica Fashionista post mixing a little Kid Fury with a little bit of Fashion. We’re calling in Fury in the Fashion. For those of you who don’t know who Kid Fury is, you’re totally missing out. Kid Fury is a Youtuber turned media personality who does a weekly podcast called The Read every week. I LOVE his podcast because he not only covers current events and celebrity gossip, but he does a mini segment at the end of each podcast called “the read”. During this portion of the program he gathers up people who need to be “brought up on their awareness”. Many a time, racial issues come up and both him and his co-host Crissle speak about these topics with such passion and genuine emotion. The entire show is packed with humor and shade, wrapped in Fury and Crissle packages, topped with brilliantly fierce bows. Ugh, I could go ON and ON about this show, but I won’t do y’all like that. Click the link and go listen to an episode yourself. Your faith in young, black America will be strengthened. You go Fury and Crissle! Anyway, last weekend, me and my good friend, former Doll On Display Nicole, went and watched The Read LIVE in Chicago! I laughed and made new friends at the show too! Hi Andrea and Jennifer! Shout out to my “woe” Antwan too! WOOT WOOT!

Anyway, I should probably talk about what I’m wearing, yea? I picked up a shirt while at the show that embodied the essence of me. It said “Shady Boots.” I said ” I’ll take that one right there, gimme a large.” I had to have it! It was perfect :-) . For the look that I’m wearing, I decided to give a nod to Fury by wearing the top with a thick, gold chain. Fury has been known to rock a mean rope chain :-) .



This look can be kept simple and casual as is, or dressed up with a jacket!




To complete the look, I paired the top with a pair of super comfy jeans and my trusty wedge booties! I love this look and think it will be a staple go to, especially when it gets cooler outside.  Anyway, I’m gonna get going, because I have to shoot, edit, and upload this weeks episode of “The Fashioning”. Have you subscribed to me on YouTube? Well, why the hell not?!?!? Get on over there and subscribe! I have a goal of 1000 that I’m trying to make by September! If I can pull it off, I’m gonna throw a party in Chicago! 2000 by December, I’ll throw a party in Florida! If you’ve ever attended a Shatterproof Soiree you’ll understand what a treat they are! Help me get my name and face out there, will ya?!?!? Thanks so much for riding with me, for being so patient with me as I’m transitioning back into blogging and vlogging, and for being such amazing readers! Tell your friends! Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!


Tshirt Here

Jacket: Target

Jeans: Charlotte Russe  SO comfortable!

Shoes: YCMC

Necklace: On Sale at Baublebar

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