Taneica Fashionista: Aunt Vivian

Happy Monday, Y’all! I hope you all had a spectacular 4th of July! Today I’m channeling my inner Aunt Vivian (dark aunt Viv, of course), from Fresh Prince of Bel Air with this…interesting wig! Before you guys start looking at me all crazy, I want to tell you that I am trying to grow my hair out, and the best way to do that, is to keep it braided up, and out of my way. Overmanipulation kills me every time, and I find that I have the best luck with my natural hair when it’s not being combed, brushed, and braided every single night. I have this plan in motion, where I braid my hair, moisturize daily, and try different styles that I’ve always been curious about, using wigs! There are so many different colors, and cuts that I want to try, and  this just seems like the best time AND way to go for it, while I let my hair rest and grow! My first experimental doo is this one right here.


I can honestly say, that this is not my favorite look so far, but I am very relieved that it is my FIRST experimental look! I feel like this cut is just a little too…old for me and I am finding it quite difficult to get used to. However, since my hair is braided up under this, I kinda feel like my only other option is to take off this hair hat, and opt for crochet braids.At any rate, it could look much worse, and I do like the way it looks from some angles, so it’s not all bad. At any rate, lemme know what you think!



If you like this wig, and you want it for yourself, it’s called the Fab Fringe Bump wig from Senastionel. Ok, so about the outfit, I decided that I wanted to rock the hell outta these yellow pumps that I really love and take this skirt for a spin. This was what I paired up in the end: a white tee, the black skirt, and the shoes. I added the this tote from Stella and Dot to the mix,, because I really like how the different patterns clash and match at the same time…I dunno how to explain it, but it works. LOL! Anyway, have an amazing rest or your evening, and I will see you on Wednesday! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook at facebook.com/thisweekinchic and on Twitter @spglassdoll or on Instagram  @tlove_swag. Also, don’t forget that there’s a new Youtube video every week at “theglassdolls”. 1,000 followers on all of those social media outlets means PARTAY in Chicago! :-) Thanks for stopping by, and I will see you on Wednesday with another blog post! Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!


Nail Color: Metallic Aqua from KleanColor


Tee: Walmart

Skirt: Organza Overlay Skirt Here

Shoes: Qupid

Bag: The Shift from Stella and Dot

Necklace: Super Old

Bracelet: Super Old

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