Sh!t They Don’t Tell Ya: Operation “Waist Snatching” Commences

YAAAAAS HUNTY! *snaps twice* I’m one week, three days post preggers and must admit that though I don’t miss being pregnant, I miss my tight tummy….(yay C-section! :-/). Because I had a C-section, I am unable to do any heavy lifting, strenuous activities, or otherwise fun stuff….lol! I was hoping that I could shoot out the kid and be back in my sneakers, walking/jogging, baby in stroller in…hmmmm….a week? No ma’am, 6 weeks recovery time, a little longer because I have a bleeding disorder that causes me to heal slower than most new mommies.  Not complaining or anything, I’m just saying. Besides, have you seen the face on this kid? Who could ever be mad about a flabby belly after giving birth to a kid that looks like this?!?!?

Bean 8

So here I am with a post preggers belly, going back to work in 2 and a half months, have events for our blog in November and December, we’re taking Bean to Jamaica in November, I have a wedding some time in between…LOTS going on folks, LOTS, and I am determined to have my waist SNATCHED by September. I’m a mom, but I’m still fabulous!

Since I am not able to exercise the way I want to yet, I figured that the least I could do is prepare my body for getting back into pre Bean shape! Enter the Belly Bandit! O.M.G Y’all…(insert shocked face here_____), it actually works!!!!! I’ve been wearing a Belly Bandit in size small since last Monday and I have to tell you, my belly has already gone down significantly! Seeeeeeee?

belly bandit 2

Not too shabby, huh?

belly bandit


So, obviously, I still have tons of work to do, but this is a faaaaabulous start! I’ll be graduating to an X-Small, before wearing corsets to get that waist cinched in! The Belly Bandit isn’t the most comfortable contraption,  but it’s excellent for women who have had C-sections because it keeps your posture and also gives your belly extra support! It’s also comfortable enough to sleep in! I only take mine off to take a shower, and then it’s back on for the duration! They suggest wearing the Belly Bandit for 6-8 weeks for best results and I’m only a week in. I have a feeling that things can only go up, and “in” from here ;-) . If you’re pregnant and wish to get that pre baby tummy back, check out Amazon or visit their official website here! Stay tuned for more on my post preggers, “reclaiming my figure” journey as well as silly anecdotes about Bean and I getting to know each other better! Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!

  • Sash

    OMG!!!! Congrats!!! She is beautiful. Girl, make sure you take full advantage of those 6 weeks, you won’t regret it!!! God bless Taneica!!!!

    • Taneica

      Thank you so much!!!

  • Netta

    Which one do you have? I know someone that would love one of these.

    • Taneica

      I’m wearing the original. I hear that the bamboo version though more breathable, is crinkly under clothes. I find it to be comfortable enough though!

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