My Love Hate With Jamberry Nail Wraps: A Review

So….lately I have been very obsessed with what my nails look like. This is very strange place for me to be for a couple of reasons. One being that I have a one year old who’s not potty trained yet, so…I change diapers more than I’d like to. I also do a fair share of tickling and cuddling with this one year old, so, though I love fancy nails, I don’t want to scratch her or anything. Secondly, fancy nails have always been a luxury for me. If we need to cut costs, fancy nails are the first thing to go usually. Imagine my excitement when I discovered Jamberry Nails. Check out the video:


So yea, I was sucked in and decided to give ‘em a try! I got some super cool, chrome wraps and immediately got to slapping them on. First impression, they’re a bitch to apply first shot. The lady in the video makes it look super easy, but I’m either really uncoordinated, or she’s had TONS of practice. After several attempts to iron out the bubbles and make the wrap look as smooth as possible on my nails, let’s just say, first time was nothing to brag about. I was so underwhelmed, I didn’t even take pictures of them. I was hopeful though. There’s a lady who worked at the station before she went on maternity leave who was a huge fan of Jamberry Nails and hers looked pretty spot on to me. She confirmed that practice is key in applying these suckers, but once you get the hang of em, they’re great! So, I ordered again. Attempt 2 was a little better and I found that using a a nail wrap that was patterned was much more forgiving with the apparence of bubbles! Yay me!


Another thing I figured out, for my day to day run around, a full set of these things are a bad idea. I don’t care what they say, they’re not as hardy as they’ll have you to believe. You can’t wrangle steer or even kids in some cases with these stickers on your nails. They got caught in and on everything on particular fingers. I had to peel them off within a week of application because I couldn’t comb my hair without snagging strands in ‘em! No bueno.

With that said, they have so many amazing designs that I know good and damn well I could NEVER do on my own, freehand. So, a great compromise is to use them on accent fingers (pinky and ring), and solid paint the main fingers (middle, index, thumb).

10394089_501624589979511_1302729590118363803_n (1)

Another super cool thing about these wraps is that they are very reasonably priced, and you can get at least two uses out of them if you do full sets each time. For me, a sheet lasts five or six times since I only do one or two nails at a time. Anyway, if you are as curious about these as I was and wanna get you some, here’s the link!

Lemme know what ya think, will ya? Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!

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