I’m still here y’all! Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, Dolls! I have been so sorry that I haven’t been on here for like a month, but I want you to know that I’m still here y’all! I have been driving around the country, helping my friend move into her new home in Toledo Ohio. Twyla and I also hung out with her and her family in Detroit Michigan.


Me and my good friend, media triple threat (reporter, anchor, producer), Brigette S Burnett. She left me and Twyla in Decatur and moved on to bigger and better in a news station in Ohio. I’m so proud of her!

As soon as I got back, it was time to drive to Florida for the holidays. Throw in my guest spots at WICS and being a family woman, and before I knew it, it was 2016 and I was wondering when was the last time I’d been up here on shatterproofglassdolls.com giving y’all the scoops and stuff!

Truth be told, I promised to give y’all amazing winter fashion, but chiiiiiiiile….


ROFL! Don’t lose hope on me yet, I am going to try to give ya’ll ”Cold Weather Crisp”, but I can NOT and will NEVER be one of those fashion bloggers, standing in 6 feet of snow in 7 inch Christian Louboutin boots and a Channel jacket, looking tres chic and FRIGID. Sorry. LOL! Most days, I look like this:


:-( . When I really try, I look like this tho:


Just let me get my closet together so I can make my face match my clothes. Bear with me. LOL!

At any rate, I am SO excited about 2016. I have so much in store for you guys! I have more episodes of The Fashioning, more Taneica Fashionista posts, and more helpful hints for my natural hair goddesses, makeup lovers and fashion enthusiasts. Thanks so much for hanging with me and allowing me to come across your PC every time I upload something new. I appreciate y’all. Before I leave, here’s the latest episode of The Fashioning! There’s even a giveaway this week! Get into it:


Alright y’all, take care, and I’ll see you in the next post! Until then, stay gorgeous dolls!

The Oliveira's 2015 Christmas card. I'd send one to all of y'all, but the way my bank account is set up...lol

The Oliveira’s 2015 Christmas card. I’d send one to all of y’all, but the way my bank account is set up…lol

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